Orthopedic pillow for baby: why?

Do pillow newborn?Many moms and dads, in response to this question will give a negative answer.Of course, if you're going to put the baby's head under his pillow or a small sofa, there will be more harm than good.But now on sale there was an orthopedic pillow for baby.It can be used already at two weeks from birth.It will develop properly whiplash prevention will torticollis and other violations.

take into account the anatomical and physiological features of the skull and neck kid, orthopedic pillow for a baby - it's a great choice for kids from birth to two years.The correct choice of this subject is very important for sleep, the Vedas in the first months of life the baby is sleeping most of the time.

Children's orthopedic pillow for newborn is characterized by a recess for the head in the center.The edges of its corners are projections resembling rolls.Their height is typically less than four centimeters.With this design, the baby's head has the proper position throughout sleep.

recess in the center of the pillow is not only the prevention of the curvature of the skull bones, but also allows the cervical spine to relax, removes the pressure on his muscles.

Ensuring proper breathing crumbs - here's another feature that performs orthopedic pillow for baby developed taking into account the structural features of its skeleton.Contraindications to the use of a cushion there.It can be used for both prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine - for example, with congenital or acquired torticollis

orthopedic pillow for baby are usually filled with modern material - sintepuh that is different elasticity.

So, let's summarize, designating the positive side of using a pillow:

1. Reduced hypertonus muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle.

2. Formed physiological and correct bending of the neck.

3. normalizes muscle tone, holding the head of the child after the age of two months.

4. Properly shaped bones of the skull and neck of the baby.

5. reduces pain from post-natal and birth defects.

6. facilitates breathing and protects you from turning in his sleep.

This pillow for your child you can buy in any orthopedic shop and order online.

Many online stores now offer a huge range of items such as orthopedic pillow for babies.The price of this object varies from 200 to 400 rubles.The sale of a variety of sizes and colors.Take care of this subject to sleep properly, and the pillow will last you a long time!

1. Wash manually or in a washing machine only in water having a temperature of not more than 40 degrees.Do not forget to turn off the mechanical spin.

2. Gently squeeze the pillow, just pushing it.Do not twist.

3. Do not dry it on a hot radiator or under strong sunlight - may suffer a filler product.