How are awarded child support?

Income maintenance of children - it is the duty of both parents.Normally, these duties performed by volunteer parents, because they love their children and want them to be in no need.However, it happens that one of the parents begins to avoid doing your duty.In this case, the other parent has a right to apply to the court for appointment of child support.

Before we deal with the question of how child support awarded, it is worth recalling that the parents support their children are required regardless of whether they entered into a marriage or chose not to register their relationship.Also, alimony may be recovered and on the condition that the parents are still married.

It should be noted that the appeal to the court is not a prerequisite for the payment of alimony.Parents may enter into a voluntary agreement, which will specify the manner recovery of maintenance.Of course, it is better to make a written document and assure a notary.But if a parent evades voluntary detention of their children, ha

ve to resort to litigation.

answer to the question as awarded alimony, is contained in the Family Code.In most cases, the enforcement of child support calculated as a percentage of the income that the parent receives.It is believed that such an approach is the best interests of the child, because with the passage of time can increase the income of the parent.In addition, you need to consider this point as inflation.

This order of payment and recovery of maintenance is really easy in the case if the parent does not hide their income and honestly a portion of the child support.Today, however, there are companies where employees are paid "gray" pay to save on taxes.In this case, if the parent would be unfair, the child will not be able to get what is owed by law.

way, the amount of support that is charged as a percentage of earnings can be increased if the amount is too small to provide a living wage to the child.So you can find a justice on the unscrupulous parents who hide their income level.

Furthermore, disadvantaged children are those whose parents have unstable income or are held officially on the job, not to pay alimony.In such cases, in the interest of the child is more favorable to assign a fixed amount to be paid.Only it is necessary to specify the adjustment for inflation, otherwise in a few years the amount paid may be too small and not able to provide the needs of the child.

What are awarded alimony, if the parent has another family, which also have small children?In this case, if the child support accrued as a percentage of earnings, their size can be revised, taking into account the financial position of both families.

amount of maintenance can be changed to decrease if the child has a personal income.Of course, here we are not talking about a situation where a minor was forced to go to work, because the amount that was paid as child support, it was impossible to live.An example of income, because of which may be reduced by the amount of support, can serve as the presence of a child in his own apartment, which rented.Or other property that generates income.

question may arise as awarded alimony, if the parents were not married and the father refuses to register the child in his name.In this situation, the child's mother will need to first file a lawsuit to establish paternity, and if it is to meet child support will be charged as usual.

In any case, when there are controversial issues in the payment of alimony or purpose, should contact a solicitor to help solve the problem.