Lip Gloss: reviews.

In the arsenal of the modern woman a lot of money, which helps it to be beautiful.Lip gloss is an indispensable tool to create a pleasant color and shape of the lips.Select a product for a variety of criteria: for volume, humidification ultrasiyayuschy, colorless, caring.It is enough to decide what is needed and how much shine can be separated from the family budget for the purchase.

story of lip gloss

Catherine de Medici - one of the creators of decorative cosmetics.The structure was part of the first French brilliance beeswax and vegetable dyes.They gained great popularity among the lords and ladies of lip gloss.Reviews royal nobles to the invention respected Catherine were very enthusiastic.After the novelty wears lip, she looked after them and gave luster.

Later, a new way to improve the condition and appearance of the lips - use vegetable oils.It turns out a kind of lip gloss, reviews of which were contradictory.They were used by ladies of easy virtue, so respected among women this way of

guidance beauty was not welcomed.But he became in demand among the gentlemen of the court a few years later.

advantages of lip gloss over lipstick

There are girls who categorically do not like lipstick, their favorite - lip gloss, reviews of which are much more varied and meaningful.As a rule, a part of these funds include Glitters and emollients, which visually enhance lips, make them tempting, thereby fulfilling the main desire of most women - sensual and full lips, the men who immediately spot.Lipstick loses in the sense that the imperfect can repeat lip contour, scored in the crease, to roll.Luster, on the contrary, due to its texture can visually remove any problem lips.

Types modern lip gloss

One of the most popular means - lip gloss.Reviews of this product may be different, depending on the manufacturer, and major destinations.Visiting any mass market, specialty store or even drugstore beauty department can be surprised with a variety of decorative objects of female beauty.

There gloss lip volume, reviews of which are dependent on the manufacturer and the composition.To find a reasonable remedy to such purpose, you need a good try, because it is based shall include a substance that will penetrate into the tissue and stimulates the flow of blood in the field.The main components may be menthol, pepper, citrus, ginger, collagen.

very popular among young girls enjoyed gloss lip volume Dior Addict Lip Maximizer.Foremost among active components is collagen, and menthol.Pleases quality tube and pleasant vanilla-mint flavor.The color of the light - transparent.The tool not only provides a real swelling of the lips, but also takes care of them, feeds them.Of the minuses can be noted a small amount of the bottle and considerable price.Applicator came to taste, not all girls.

Gloss Sally Hansen Lip Information Extreme - one of the means which, in the opinion potrebitelnits, copes with its main purpose.At its heart are the cinnamon and ginger.With these components, the blood rushes to his lips, they become plump.Girls like a nice scent of cinnamon and glossy shine structure.

popular, especially in summer, ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss.Reviews of him, like his other counterparts, can be varied.One has only to choose a popular brand in this product should include oil, glitter and sequins.

favorite of many girls began to shine on Shiseido - Limizing Lip Gloss.Praise him for a light texture, additional volume on the lips and a beautiful shimmering lights.Of the minuses noticed poor quality brush and a weak resistance shine.

Shine Babor Ultra Shine Lip Gloss buy because of the beautiful and resistant colors.It gives the lips, in the opinion of buyers, gorgeous shine and a healthy appearance.The tool is very resistant and washable make-up remover only.Of the minuses emit the same resistance, because by careless use of this may be a disadvantage, and a high price.

There shines with healing properties - to care for and prevent aging.Item Composition with stated features should include: panthenol, UV filters, antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid.

For such purposes need to buy products in a pharmacy, where the pharmacist has to announce the composition of products.Thus, people will be able to choose a suitable lip gloss, reviews of which will only be positive, since the goods with certain active ingredients will carry out the claimed function.

How not to lose with a choice of gloss

first step is to understand what products are well-known companies, though expensive and publicized, can not be the fact that the person sought.

Unfortunately, most buyers rely on consultants or girlfriends liking, leaving their needs in the background.This decision is totally wrong, because each person is different, and each has its own requirements for a particular product.

Draw recommended the composition of the product, its texture, smell, color.It is necessary to highlight the main points to be performed by the product.

So you can buy a good lip gloss.Reviews of the owner of it will be only positive.

use gloss

Firstly, such a means should be only one boss.It is a matter of hygiene and health.

Secondly, for everyday make-up is sufficient to impose one layer of shine without auxiliary cosmetics.

Third, for an evening make-up used a certain technique: apply one coat of lipstick, blot lips with a napkin, powdered lips still apply one coat of lipstick, apply lip gloss.

Fourth, if not selected contour of the lips, you can fix it with a pencil for the lips.Then, use a shine.

On the composition and producing lip gloss

Avoid lip gloss with long chemical names.Pay attention to the recommended glosses, which include caring oil, panthenol, vitamins, minerals, collagen, natural substances.Allowed glitter, sequins.

popular way firms to produce decent glosses are: Chanel, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Max Factor.But the products of these manufacturers not everyone can afford.

And for those who can afford, you should pay attention to the following glosses:

  1. Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer.Women buy it because ultrasiyaniya, dense structure, intense shade resistance.
  2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss.This shine praises most shoppers.A high-quality tube and applicator, elegant aroma, a translucent shade.This tool is visually enhances the lips, moisturizing them.
  3. Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal.Most ladies choose this gloss because of extraordinary radiant texture.It is quite economical because of its thick and sticky consistency.The volume of the tube small - are women referred to the disadvantages of the product.
  4. Max Factor Color Elixir.This shine through buying saturated color palette.Praise him for density, a nice gloss on the lips, softening effect.

Worthy companies offering the customer the budget items are Avon and Faberlic.Declaration by the brilliance heard any woman.But if each tried?

Lip Gloss "Avon".Reviews

gloss off "Avon" are renowned for their flavor, dense texture, budget price and quality.

The company produces mostly lip tint, lip volume, lip caring and moisturizing.

Shine "ABC Flirt 'women loved for a pleasant aroma, a variety of color palettes, visual lip augmentation and democratic price.

Gloss lip volume is not very happy shoppers.He no longer seeks to care for the delicate skin of the lips, because it contains vitamin formula.Menthol, which should be responsible for the flow of blood to his lips, as a part of a little.After all, most do not notice the miraculous effect of increasing and swelling of the lips.

Ultrasiyayuschy shine able to boast a unique looking after the formula with shea butter, jojoba oil and cloudberry.It turns out the effect of well-groomed lips with restrained radiance.

Moisturizing Lip Gloss "Lux" liked most consumers.On the lips it really shining and sparkling.

Choosing shines from the "Avon", the shopper will not only remain satisfied with the quality, but also to save the family budget.

Lip Gloss "Faberlic".Reviews

lip gloss from "Faberlic" famous for caring ingredients in the composition and pleasant prices.

Lip Gloss "Perfect Lights" takes care of the lips and gives them shine.Shades is, as pearl, and matte.Most women are satisfied with your purchase, and praise means of resistance.

If you want this on your lips shine, it is recommended to try to shine Star Bright.Through a tiny shining particles and dense consistency lips will shimmer for a long time and look puffy.

shoppers respect shines "Faberlic" for durability, soft lip care and price.

Lip Gloss - something purely individual.Based only on the ratings, she runs the risk of not finding means that it is ideal.When choosing such a product should pay attention to the composition, texture and color.Thus, you can choose the goods necessarily for the fabulous price.Many companies offer a decent product for a reasonable price.