Children When parents divorce: what their future is.

creating a family, no one thinks that marriage may be short-lived, after a while relations will come to naught, and will have to divorce.If yesterday quirks of her beloved husband seemed nice pranks and whims of his wife's perceived as something self-evident, that after some time the two human family become strangers to each other.

Cohabitation two men called the family can only be a stretch, but the woman and the man sacrifice themselves for the common children.Justifiable to do so, such a situation is perceived by the children themselves, and how they affect parents' divorce?These are the questions we try to answer more fully.

course, is up to the latter to try to save the relationship, but if the family has remained only on paper, and the child and adults are in a constant state of stress, think about what the children after the divorce will feel much better and grow high-grade personalities.

Many parents, solving their own problems, do not realize that their kids are willy-nilly involved in

the discussion quite grown-issues that can plunge them into a state of deep stress.

How do children experience parental divorce and that they do feel?

Psychologists fair notice that Mom and Dad have to be honest with their children, regardless of the age of the latter.It is understood that the three-year and twelve-year kid teen explained the situation in different words, but the essence is narrated must remain the same in both cases.

children's reactions to divorce his native people may be quite different and depends on the age of the child and the general mood in the family.But no matter how hard had grown, the focus should be given to the baby name.

For a child aged 2-4 years, the divorce looks like leaving the house of one of the parents and the baby can not understand the causes of this situation.In this case, the most correct son or daughter to tell you why the other parent will no longer live with his family, but it should be in every way to emphasize that mom or dad will not forget about their kids and would love him still.

Divorce and children of preschool age (5-7 years) - this is a completely different problem compared to the first case.Here the child is already clearly aware that one of the parents will live separately, even to the extent of their development understands that Mom and Dad stopped loving each other.The passing of a parent family must understand that child needed his support and communication, and therefore should be seen with the child as often as possible.

Teens already well aware that such a divorce, but such children after a divorce may turn inward, often rude to the parent with whom stayed, they often greatly reduced overall school performance.To this child came to his senses, it may take quite a long period of time, and during this period, the teenager needs attention from both parents.At the same time, it is desirable to keep a close watch, with whom befriends your son or daughter, because children after a divorce are trying to express themselves, and do it often in the form of protest.The idea is that if mom or dad are not allowed to bring into the house of a friend or a girlfriend, now this figure may appear on your doorstep.It is by no means impossible to arrange the scandal and blame sibling, try to understand it, to reach out and give advice.

Older children after the divorce of parents has objectively assess the situation and are able to react to it like adults.However, as you know, every person is different, and it means that problems can arise even with twenty son or daughter.