Cream Henna "bodycare".

In the era of the chemical industry is difficult to find goods with natural composition.The unpleasant fact is that even products for face, hair and body can not boast gentle formulas.The most dangerous tool in this is a hair dye.Excellent natural substitute for it will be the cream henna "bodycare".Reviews from women who use this tool, you can hear both positive and negative.

What is Henna hair Henna

called powdered leaves lawsonite.This plant is not only used as a coloring agent for the hair, but also for industrial purposes.

In medieval India, Africa, and this product has been popular among women: they used it as an eyeliner, a means to strengthen the hair and beauty.

Lawson has useful properties: nourishes the scalp and stimulates hair growth, making them strong and thick, removes dandruff.

disadvantage coloring henna is that it is almost impossible to understand what will be the color curls after the procedure.

Iranian henna cream from "bodycare": description

«bodycare" produces cream h

enna colorless, coloring, classic with burdock.

Colorless henna cream aims to strengthen the hair.Its members, except for Iranian natural henna is a complex of oils: linseed, burdock, coconut.Thanks to these components, the tool takes care nourishes, moisturizes hair, giving them shine and life force.

Buying ordinary henna, a woman must spend the time to prepare the material for dyeing.Save time and immediately proceed to help the henna cream "bodycare".Reviews of the speed of application of such funds extremely positive.Women are pleased that it has already sold off the shelf - it can be applied directly to the hair.The procedure lasts approximately half an hour.Ingredients listed on the packaging is completely natural.

cream Iranian natural henna "bodycare": reviews

toning cream with henna is used not only for the overall strengthening of the hair, but also for coloring.The colors it gives quite a variety: chocolate, black, brown, copper-red, copper-red.

composition of such funds is much better than that of a conventional hair dyes.It includes: water, henna, burdock and almond oil, wheat germ oil, ginseng extract, vitamin, keratin, glycerin, dimethicone, coloring pigment.

For those who want to spare their hair and save on painting, proposed toning cream henna "bodycare".Reviews despite reasonable structure, there are also negative.

Girls complain that the hair does not become a color which is stated on the package.But some of the staining result is quite satisfied.The minus is weak resistance.

On the positive allocate a good composition, easy application, quick procedures, improvement of hair.

worth noting that reviews the usual Iranian henna more positive than for its creamy form.

"bodycare" - henna cream with burdock.Reviews

You can not spend a lot of money on salon treatments to improve the health and coloring hair.Many women have long enjoyed a natural and inexpensive way.These products include cream and henna "bodycare".Reviews of the procedure with a cream paint burdock appear as enthusiastic, and not so.

The fact that this product is hair dyes.And the result is impossible to guess.It is known that for the faint shade is recommended to leave the vehicle on the hair for 10 minutes.After keeping cream for longer, you get a more intense tone.Some women were lucky with the colors and some - not.

apparent advantage, which is celebrated almost all women, is a healthy shine and beauty of your hair after the treatment with a cream-henna.

Another important factor that convinces the girls to buy a vehicle with burdock - the absence of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

In the opinion of many, the presence in the composition of burdock oil nourishes the hair from root to tip.Locks are bushy, and hair gets extra volume.


colorless cream henna is used as follows: spray on damp or dry hair from roots to ends, wrap them with polyethylene and towel and wash off after 30 minutes without using shampoo.

Shiny, healthy, thick, strong hair - the merit of a tool such as a cream-Iranian henna "bodycare".Reviews of people who have completed 20 procedures, saying that this product really cope with all the declared features.All women recommend this product, insisting that it is a natural, effective, low-cost means.

cream use complex.It must necessarily uniformly applied to the hair, otherwise the result will be disastrous.Leave the paint can for a time from 10 to 30 minutes, it depends on what degree of saturation of color want to get a woman.Rinse off the vehicle must be thoroughly, without using shampoo.Women praise this paint because it is well paints gray hair.Many ladies unfortunately left a negative impression after using henna tint cream.It is very difficult to predict what color hair will be.

In recent years, many are looking for natural, but budgetary products and cosmetics.One of the most popular means is the Iranian henna cream.It really improves the condition of the hair, but hope for it as an excellent colorant still not worth it.