Men's infidelity, or How to survive the betrayal of her husband ?!

Waltz Mendelssohn, romantic hopes and rosy dreams associated with a loved one - it seems only recently it was a reality.And the result - the frustration, the pain and the search for the answer to the question: "How to survive the betrayal of her husband?".

familiar scenario, is not it ?!Moreover, not only familiar but also quite common.According to statistics, at least 60-70% of men change their wives.The reasons are very different, but the result often quite simple and banal: a woman's tears, pain and jealousy tormenting thought: "How to live after her husband's infidelity?".

Rarely what the female after the betrayal of his men are not given the matter.The first reaction is usually becomes insatiable desire to divorce traitor.Make it hurt him and cause to regret his actions.But a sensible woman should not be guided by emotions and feelings.The solution, especially one that can turn life, should be balanced and certainly deliberate.It is not necessary to decide this question in a temper because m

arried life with an unpleasant fact of treason - not the only disappointment.Positive in life there is also a need to be able to find it and really look at him.Maybe the balance is still leaning towards preservation of family ties ?!And the fact of treason sink into the summer or the past?But be that as it may, what happened remains a reality, and some councils do not become superfluous in solving the problem: "How to survive the betrayal of her husband?".

First, you must try to "pull yourself together" and stop thinking about what it is - an end to the dreams and the complete collapse of all life.This is not so.The life of a man or not - that you can always find its charms.And to put an end to her life after her husband's infidelity is not worth it.On the other hand, just need to "sober" look at things.

For a start, a good idea to look for her husband, his relation to what has happened and try to find out about his future plans.Treason, too, is different.It can be one-time and repeated.Survive and just change a single lot easier.This is not peculiar to error ?!If the husband openly regrets what happened, asking him to forgive, should not go to meet him ?!And at the same time try to really look at things and try to determine the cause of this unpleasant event, to continue to take steps to address it.Thus, the desire to forgive and to leave everything in its place there, but here lies the catch: "And how to forget the betrayal of her husband?".Our memory - something extraordinary and obstinate, no - no, and returns to that hurt.The main thing - not "hung up" on this and not to aggravate the situation.Once discussed the problem with her husband, do not keep coming back to it.It will not bring relief either you or him.In the minutes of the "return of the past" should make an attempt to change the thoughts in a pleasant and remember those wonderful moments that you have had with this person.A good option would be to add beauty and desire in your life: once again a romantic evening, go for a walk together and remember the past youthful times, to please her husband irresistible beauty, making self-care - procedures daily and constant.Such nice little things will help to distract from dark thoughts and turn life back on track.

second option treason (repeated) involves much more trouble and consequences.This option is a kind of "double-edged sword": the husband can change constantly and with different women without being a special attachment to them, and maybe so passionate opponent that his future plans - a divorce and no less.But there should not be so discouraged.The answer to the question: "How to survive the betrayal of her husband?" Definitely there.As mentioned earlier, a life with a man or not have their charms.It should be taken as an inevitable fact of divorce, and to try to find the purpose of his later life, remembering that life without a purpose - a waste of time.Your main objective in this case may be children.They compensate for the pain of the loss of some kind.Other objectives may be the following: "Treat yourself to your favorite" - find yourself a hobby worthy of you and focus on it at the time - it can be as a hobby or favorite interesting work.Surround yourself with people you pleasant - time spent with them, decorate your life.And most importantly - look for the positive in life.He is, you just need to find.Keep this in mind as well that in the search for an answer to the question: "How to survive the betrayal of her husband?", There can be no single recipe to solve the problem.Each situation is individual and has its own quirks that need to be taken into account so as not to cause yourself unnecessary pain and not to destroy his life.