Products brand "Johnson Baby": oil, shampoo, shower gel

US company Johnson & amp;Johnson has established itself as a reliable producer of high quality cosmetic products for body care.The main focus of its activities is the creation of products for the care of children.One of the most popular products of the brand "Johnson Baby" - oil for baby's skin.It has truly unique features and gives the child's skin silky.

products for children from Johnson & amp;Johnson

The range is very large, and parents may choose the means as much as possible meet the characteristics of the surface of the body of the little man.

  • shampoos.They gently cleanse the hair and scalp kids, without irritating the eyes.
  • foam for bathing.Due to its unique composition, it can be used daily.
  • gel for washing.Gently cleanses the skin and does not cause irritation.
  • cream.This group includes creams under the diapers, which prevent the appearance of diaper rash.There are means of protecting the delicate skin of the face and hands from the cold and wind, as well as a cream that protects th
    e baby from sunburn.
  • Baby oil "Johnson Baby."Effectively retains moisture and prevents drying of the skin.

In addition, the manufacturer offers baby soap, powder, diaper rash ointment, conditioners and hair sprays and protection from mosquitoes.In general, all that is needed to care for a child from birth.

Product Features

Here are the main attractive features of cosmetic lines, "Johnson Baby":

  • oils, lotions, shampoos, and other tools are highly hypoallergenic.
  • All products are multi-level testing.
  • only applies to the manufacture of safe feed.

All the products are divided by age:

  • from birth to 6 months;
  • 6 months.up to 1 year;
  • 1-3 years;
  • older than 3 years.

Leather Toddler each of these categories has its own peculiarities, so manufacturers have developed the best means for every age.Observe the prescribed on the package.This will help to properly apply the product.

Baby oil "Johnson Baby": types

Each oil is unique in its own way.But it combines it means the ability of species to keep a very thin layer applied 10 times more moisture.

  • Classic.With him is good to massage the newborn.You can remove the crusts on his head.For this small amount of oil is applied to the desired area for 1-1.5 hours before bathing.Washed off with shampoo and crust removed with a soft brush.
  • with aloe.It is well absorbed and has soothing properties.
  • with daisies.Effectively relieves skin irritation.
  • «Before going to bed."Gentle massage with this oil will allow your baby to relax and fall asleep easily.The night will be calm and serene.

interesting offer from the "Johnson's Baby" - the oil in the form of a spray.It contains aloe extract, easy to apply and spread evenly.

Application oil

Each type has its own purpose.Can remove irritation and diaper rash.Used as a means of massage and moisturize the skin.But the product can not only take care of the child, but also his mother.

Women with dry skin prone to flaking, you can use the oil after a shower.To do this, a little water to get wet towel and apply light massage means "Johnson Baby."The oil is able to retain moisture for a long time.The skin becomes soft and tender.After a few applications, you will notice that the skin looks younger and more attractive.This effect is surprising.This method of moisturizing the skin - a worthy replacement of expensive creams and body lotion.

turns out, you can use oil "Johnson Baby" from the stretch.Apply the product can be problem areas for women after childbirth, as well as those who are waiting for the appearance of crumbs, as it is perfectly safe.

action oil is that it enhances the blood circulation and helping the body to produce collagen, thereby restoring the cells and smooth skin.

How to get rid of stretch marks

tool must be connected in equal proportions with tangerine oil or apricot pits.Select ether extracts to be very careful, because some of them contain ingredients that can cause premature labor.

need to Apply to the prepared skin.It is advisable to take a shower with a scrub, and then make a mask for the body.Only after finishing these procedures, apply massage oil.Perform it in two ways.

  1. Soothing massage.It is more gentle and suitable for pregnant women.
  2. plucked.It is used after the birth.

To enhance the effect of the problem areas can be wrapped for 30 minutes.Pregnant women do not.

How much is oil "Johnson Baby»

price depends on the volume of the product:

  • 100 ml - from 70 to 100 rubles;
  • 200 ml - from 180 to 200 rubles.

As you can see, the price is quite affordable.And if we take into account the efficiency of product and lasting effect on the application, all doubts disappear.One remedy could be the solution to the problems large and small adults and children.