Shar Pei - a popular Chinese medium-sized dog with an unusual appearance.Shar pei breed stands out among other dogs peculiar skin, folded into numerous folds, and very specific traits.

plant this pet is recommended for people with experience, as representatives of the breed dogs are the dominant type.Before buying a Shar-Pei need to realistically assess their capabilities - not everyone can cope with difficult independent nature of the animal, similar to a stuffed toy.Prone to lead the dog can easily take on the role of the chief of the family.Sharpay not aggressive and able to think, so the main task of the owner to be able to direct the actions of his four-legged friend in the right direction.

nature of the Shar-Pei a huge set of a variety of different qualities.The modern representative of the breed - a companion dog that has lost in the process of selecting his Fighting quality.However, she always protect your home and will not give offense to members of the family.Shar Pei - a good loyal frien

d to his master, but suspicious of outsiders.

dogs differ intelligence, wit and genuine intelligence.She is confident, fearless and hardy.

Sharpay, the nature of which may vary aggression toward other dogs, strangers, and even children, it is quite difficult in education.For the formation of spitomtsa adequate behavior towards other animals and people, need early socialization, that is accustom it to outsiders and dogs from an early age.The earlier start to do it, the better and be flexible in his character.

Education pei and development of correct behavior should always be accompanied by poooschreniyami as treats and toys.But pressure on the dog is strongly discouraged.By purchasing a puppy, it would be wise to turn to professionals for the course of education and training.Obedience training and adjustment ranyaya character pei is needed as any other breed.If a child neglect all, the result will be an uncontrolled dog with a lot of bad habits.

Sharpay, the nature of which is very different, the images can be changed at will.This dog can be confusing to any person with respect to his character - just having lived with the animals under one roof, you can see it for real.

How true oriental pet, he gained fame as a philosopher.Sharpay, the nature of which is independent, even arrogant, very friendly and affectionate with her.It is hardy, diligent and very vigilant.The dog is different ingenuity, love of fun and games.Cheerful and sociable, she occasionally can totally immerse yourself in.

Dogs have keen eyesight and hunter instinct.They may like to catch mice is not worse than cats.Present at the Shar-Pei and a shepherd.This is especially pryavlyaetsya if the house has children and small animals, which guardianship by the four-legged friend is assured.

well-bred Shar Pei loves children, enjoys playing with them and allow them any freedom.But much razbalovashimsya children he would take the necessary measures.

It is said that these dogs are very strong aura that can reduce stress, fatigue, irritability.

Sharpay, the nature of which differs poise, dignity and nobility never falls into hysterics, and his voice can be heard only in the most extreme cases.

In these animals, there is one very valuable quality - congenital cleanliness.Even after several puppies take to the streets no longer go to the toilet at home.Sharpe did not like to walk in the rain, and sometimes they have to be forced to pack off the street to empty.The dog does not go through the puddles and dirt, and return home with clean paws.The apartment where he lives Pei never smells of dog and the lack of hair.

can say with certainty that it is a universal dog endowed with the qualities of guard, and at the same time it is a wonderful friend and companion.Compact and cleanliness make this the ideal pet for the maintenance of the apartment.