How to forgive betrayal

How to forgive betrayal, if you cheated, betrayed the closest, a loved one?It seems impossible - that you were betrayed, but it is an unfortunate fact which nothing can be done.But is it really - nothing?

must try to calm down and see all possible exits.

husband decides how to forgive betrayal of his wife, must first understand why there was a betrayal.A woman who loves herself, and who love to treason will never, no matter how tempted her.

And if you went - that or not loved, neglected her, or she fell out of love.The reasons fall out of love - innumerable, but basic, as always - after marrying a woman from the status of beloved moved to the status of a domestic slave.

Before any state still tired woman looks in the mirror.And a year or two she sees a well-groomed establishment there.But it also can remember completely different!What happened?So quickly, in just a few years!

Before you decide whether to forgive betrayal, her husband should understand why his wife started looking for the att

ention of other men.If he is able to ask her, she would answer, without any secret thoughts, just to hear a compliment, she was still as beautiful and charming.And she was not going to translate flirtation into something more serious.

Flirt and not gone in proximity with another man if her husband continues to behave like a lover, not as a slave owner.He married, young people suddenly lose all respect for that which so recently indulged with compliments and gifts, who promised the stars from the sky and the annual trip to the Seychelles ...

now have to decide, how to forgive betrayal that so suddenlyIt happened that was a real shock.Even more staggering is that his wife, recognizing the guilty, and the wife does not want to remove the guilt.And remember all the cases where it is anyone other than a slave, in the best case - a servant, I did not feel.

to just - you need to understand.And realizing recognize guilty, and greater than that listed his wife.Despite the emancipation, a woman - being a priori weaker.We need to remember all their confessions and oaths, to realize that the first duty lies with a man as head of the house, and as a commander is always responsible for any misconduct of subordinates, and the husband must be responsible for the misdeeds of his family members - if they did something improper solely becausethat the head of the family skimped on their responsibilities.

before us was the question of how to forgive infidelity?We need to remember all their own love affair, and to understand that the example of a filed was not his wife, it changed only in response.It is very hard - just a friend, especially to forgive such a terrible betrayal.

two - the one who changed, and the one who changed the - first of all, deeply offended, and even, depending on the strength and depth of the feelings they had for his handpicked successor, can feel a sense of desecration of the most expensive and valuable.The world is crumbling, and the person is able to even kill the traitor.

But if the husband is still looking for a way to forgive infidelity, he needs to put himself in the place of his wife and try to understand the motives of her action.He needed to see themselves through the eyes of his wife, it is necessary to understand that she was not looking for a reason for treason, and his misconduct, he pushed her to do so.If he can make such an effort, if his heart was still smoldering the feeling that once prompted him to make a suggestion, he will understand that to forgive infidelity - the only correct way out!

necessary to step over his insult to sit together and talk frankly.The blame for the incident to be divided equally, or even better - the husband to take on at least one percent more.It is not necessary to go to the insults and throwing accusations: it is best to try to identify all the causes that led to the sad event.And if the family wants to keep, forgiveness - the right decision.And if reconciliation took place, it is best to once and for all eliminate the reasons that encourage others to do similar things.