Adultery: How to avoid them?

Loving boy and girl are ready to give anything for just to be together.They pass a lot of tests together, fight and make peace, leave and returning to each other, then go to the registrar and create a common family, a strong and united.Logically it would be necessary to add that they will live together for life ....But in reality, things could be very different.

terrible word treason

That treason can cause rupture of strong relationships, forever ward off from each other loving couple, to break the life of an entire family.Why is this happening?Why would anyone consider it possible at one time to forget about his "second half" and go in search of new experiences?Maybe betrayal - it's not terrible, and only strengthens the feeling?It is said that the greatest pain we can inflict just the person we love the most.There is nothing worse betrayal loved - and treachery is precisely a betrayal.But before we condemn adultery, you should understand the reasons why they occur.

most often spouses begin to

change each other when all the feelings between them has faded.In this case, cheating is quite natural, since the relationship can not continue, and finish them can not be solved neither husband nor wife.Adultery occurs when the first signs of problems in the relationship.A husband or wife may show signs of attention to other people, hoping to cause jealousy legitimate "halves" and regain the love.Perhaps, such a betrayal could be justified, as there was of good intentions.A third reason for infidelity of spouses to each other may well serve as a rift in the family, unsatisfied sex lives and any other problems that, according to change a person, can not be solved in another way.

possible to avoid infidelity?

Treason spouse can be prevented.How?The most simple and clear - communication.The husband and wife should be honest with each other, to openly discuss the problems of his family.Of course, it should not reach mutual insults and primitive explanation of the relationship.The conflict can not lead to anything good - everything starts with spoiled the mood, and the end result would be adultery.

If cheating is still for one reason or another has already occurred, it is necessary to take care of that they remained single.To do this, first of all, you need to stop blaming his second "half".It is extremely difficult to accept, forgive and try to forget, but it must be, or family life will never be the same, the relationship does not break the deadlock, and may soon collapse.To adultery is not repeated, it is necessary to discuss with a partner that has pushed it to do so.Perhaps things are not so scary.

In no case can not go to the other extreme - blaming themselves unfaithful spouse.Our self-esteem needs to be at the highest level, because only a negligible degree of betrayal of one man is due to physical disabilities or other minor sexuality.

If you're determined to fight for the happiness of his family together, try not only to forgive and forget adultery, but also try to bring back the old feelings.Revive the romance of relationships can, forcing the couple to remember the feelings they experienced before the wedding.It is necessary to go to the cinema together, in which the future husband and wife met or spent the happiest hours.You can go on a vacation that was planned for a long time.You can share joint plans for future life, or just a dream.The main thing - to give to your loved one feel that he is still such that any errors can be corrected and press on.