Concealer: How to apply correctly

None of us is perfect.But the pursuit of the ideal of beauty - the basic idea is not leaving the women's heads for centuries.The more sweeping the science, the more there is a variety of cosmetic skin care.

Hide the little imperfections

Everyone has long known that the skin of the face looks more beautiful when it is clean and healthy.But there are situations when there is no care can prevent unpleasant symptoms in the face.

This happens when the spring suddenly pours out a whole bunch of freckles, which do not really want to show to others.Especially unpleasant, if not a little light points, and the whole big spots that really lost on a beautiful, well-groomed face.Or when there is one or several nasty pimples.Or if in his youth had big problems with the skin, and then were not so beautiful scars.

means for correcting the shortcomings of skin

main assistants of girls in the fight against skin imperfections are creams, powders, concealers and correctors.What are the differences and how to appl

y?Let's face it.

It is worth mentioning that any of these funds need to be individualized, for each type of skin.

Stages applying makeup

first step in applying make-up is different disguise imperfections.Everyone knows that the main tool in this, of course, is a concealer.How to apply it correctly, only a few know.

To start mask the imperfections using concealer.Greenish tint - redness, light - dark circles under the eyes.

After uniformly coating agent is applied tonal basis.Then comes a layer of powder, suitable for voice-based, and blush.


concealer to camouflage redness of various kinds is best to use the greenish tint.It is this color best masks redness.

To hide dark circles under the eyes is best to use a concealer one shade lighter color tonal framework.It is important during the cold season when the skin becomes pale.

But the summer is better to do a little differently.For tanned skin need to choose the appropriate, darker foundation and concealer the same color.This is done in order not to get the effect of white points under the eyes.

Where to apply concealer, understood, now you need to understand how it is done.Proper application is very important not to get rough, rolled up the makeup.This relaxed approach can not only get rid of the shortcomings of the skin, but also further aggravate the situation.

correct application

to disguise small imperfections using a concealer.How to apply it - science is not tricky, but very necessary.If you apply it too thick, even after covering the tonal foundation will be heavily favored bumps.

means may be in the form of a pencil or liquid.Pencils are universal: on the one hand a greenish hue, and on the other - light.Pencil is easier to use, in the sense that it dries longer and can safely manage to distribute it to the masked area.

Liquid concealer dries faster, but also lays down exactly.The main thing - to have time to carefully shade it.

shade means you need as carefully as possible, while making no motion to rub, pat and tidy.This is done in order not to get lumps.

choose the means

All cosmetics stores have special probes, in which the whole color palette of each agent.There are also special-concealer palette.How to apply the probe?If you choose any of the masking tools are commonly used for the face the outside of the wrist or hand.In the eyes such things to choose not worth it.

now understand, how to apply concealer under the eyes.

Remove the dark circles and age spots

To make the eyes more fresh and clean circles under them, in the crease under the eyes applied concealer lighter shade.How to apply it correctly has been described previously.It is important that no layer will be too thick.Give him a little dry, and then, if the skin is light, use a lighter shade and gently shaded it on the area under the eyes.If the skin is tanned, you can use a darker shade, or do without it, immediately causing tonal basis.

sure if was used concealer and you do not want to apply the tone from the top, you need to use powder.After powder facial skin to breathe and be good at using it disappear transitions from the application of funds.Brown spots

best means to mask the same color as the base, gradually shading it, and giving a little dry.

This tool is often used to correct the shape of the nose.To make the nose more subtle and elegant, it is necessary to use a darker concealer.How to apply it correctly?Two lines along the nose.If you want to make a more invisible wings or projecting lower part, there is also carefully applied darker tone.Then you need to apply tonal basis.

Still, concealer can be used to make the face shine.To do this, apply a lighter shade means of the middle part of the face: the area between the eyebrows, the back of the front of the nose, a dimple under his nose.

In addition, applying a light shade to dimple under the nose making a sponge volume, and therefore more effective.