How to choose clothes for the type of figure

For many people, quite a significant problem is the choice of clothes.It is necessary to examine the most common misconceptions and errors that occur at the same time.

When deciding how to choose clothes, is to say that you can start to see the collections presented by fashion houses.Here it is possible to pay attention to certain rules, which should be followed in order to not look vulgar.For example, have long known that the place where the clothes are not closed, attracting stares.If you admit to their dresses clearance between the waistband and the bottom of the topic, then you should have a nice flat tummy, rather than folds that hang over the pants.

talk about how to choose clothes according to the type of figure.Conventionally, all types are divided into several categories: apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and a rectangle.We should not forget that the whole image is formed, so is the value of the length and hair color, eye color, length of the legs, occupation and place of work.Pu

rchasing clothing is only when all these parameters are carefully considered and balanced.For the ladies, "apple" type can be recommended to focus on lengthening the legs, which allows you to get the best option, because the body visually seems longer.The question is how to choose clothes, least bothering the ladies have a figure "hourglass", as they just emphasize the waist, and all men's eyes will be glued to it.

If we talk about the type of shape "inverted triangle", then it is important to balance it, and it can be done by avoiding open shoulders, frills, ruffles, bias cut prisborennoe waist, and the emphasis is on the bottom.When you type "box" it is important to skillfully accents: a wide belt at the waist, a little attention to the chest and hips.Costumes should choose straight cut, diluting the whole picture accessories.

type "pear" requires focusing on the upper part of the body, which can be achieved by ruff, ruffles, free cut and other tricks, it is worth to give up tight tops and blouses that only accentuate the value of the hips.

If we talk about the issue of how to choose clothes for the full, here is roughly based on the same principles as described above, because the fullness can also refer to any particular type.It is worth to remember one important rule - clothes in this case should be the size and not more or less.Baggy clothes can conceal fullness and tight too much exacerbate the overall picture.

Currently manufacturers have taken care of all categories of consumers, creating a wide range of outfits for different types of figures.So you can safely go to the store, knowing how to pick out clothes to buy everything you need for your wardrobe.The cabinet is to keep things interesting, but not complexes associated with the non-ideal figure.

Now that you know how to choose the clothes just have to go and make a choice.