Trapezoid skirt

Skirt trapeze is one of the classic versions of this clothing.For the first time this style was introduced to the public in the collection of Christian Dior in 1947.More than sixty years, this skirt does not go out of fashion.

This model is characterized by a form-fitting waist and flared silhouette from top to bottom.It blends perfectly with any style blouses, jackets, sweaters and tops.Depending on the choice of top, the outfit can be a very democratic and strictly official.The Queen, for example, took in her wardrobe for skirts, trapeze special place of honor, and often appears in the most solemn events in the clothes of this particular style.

Skirt trapeze thanks to free a cut suitable for any type of female figure.With the help of a good balance is not quite perfect proportions.For example, with narrow hips and broad shoulders, it will add a little amount of missing the lower part of the figure.With such broad hips skirt also can play into the hands of her mistress: flared bottom, it neutral

izes the sharp lines, making a smooth transition, and creating the illusion of slender legs.In the latter case it is important to choose such proportion of the skirt to the difference in width of her waist and her bottom was not very significant.However, we must remember that, as this style skirts in itself is associated with an additional amount, an integral part of the wardrobe should be heels, to avoid the impression of heaviness.

With high growth need to opt for such a length of the skirt to the knee trapezoid closed.And vice versa - if you are short, you will look more harmonious in the model, which is to the knee a little bit does not reach.

Fashion summer skirt always assume this style.In contrast to the models designed for colder times of the year, these skirts can be executed from a wide range of colors of fabrics, with prints of any kind.Today trapeze sewing (for example, Akris) even with folds, waves and decorative fabrics.These models are characterized by a mix of business style and easy coquetry.But Fendi offers a skirt with pleats only on the sides.

fashion long skirts, trapeze is not so versatile as short or medium length.They need to pick up on the figure given some knowledge of geometry.Such models can be found in the collection of Marc Jacobs: the most underestimated waist line, a classic combination of black and white - an excellent option for a casual style.

But Victoria Beckham opted for the mini.In her performance skirt trapezoid is simple and does not contain unnecessary details, but very bright and self-sufficient.Very short skirts and in the collection of Isabel Marant, dominated by bright tones the skin, literally studded with rivets.This is definitely ostromodnye option.

brand Moschino, on the contrary, tends to the vintage style.His versions of retro skirts are characterized by the dominance of the strips and drawings-l'oeil belts and pockets.

Admirers of classic black should pay attention to the skirt Ralph Lauren.These models are incredibly refined and elegant, they are ideal for the soiree.

In general, this model is universal.With it you can create different images for all occasions: for the office, walks, celebrations.