Tights: how to choose and what to wear

Tights - simply indispensable attribute of the image of cold winter.Fortunately, a variety of models will help you to choose the most suitable pair, and under your figure, and under the clothes.How not to get lost in the range of stockings and not to be mistaken with the choice, learn on.

How to choose the right size?

Size chart on which made choosing the finest nylon stockings, extends to warm tights.However, women are often confused about the letters of the alphabet indicating the size, not really knowing their decryption.So remember sizes:

S (small) - the smallest, suitable for slim girls growing up to 160 cm.

M (middle) - the average size of which can afford the beauty is not quite the model parameters and growth to170 cm.

L (large) - as the name implies, it's a great size for lush and tall ladies.

XL (extra large) - the biggest size tights.

Sometimes sizes are indicated with numbers from 1 to 6. Also in the package is often possible to meet the dimensional grid, which you can easily

pick the desired pair.

tights density and composition

unit of thickness is den.Tights have a density of not less than 50 den.Density directly affect their durability and strength.

Also thick tights have a slight advantage - they are able to adjust the figure by a slight slimming effect.And they provide excellent prevention of varicose veins.

So what does produce such essential in the wardrobe of women's stockings?The main components are polyamide and Lycra (often referred to as its elastane).Tights for the winter also contain in its composition wool or cotton.If you do not want to freeze to death in the fierce cold, choose those tights, where the maximum amount of natural fibers.However, and without lycra can not do, because it provides the elasticity of the product.

thickness and composition of tights can be uneven, even for a couple.Often manufacturers make tighter heel.Also, some products have an internal cotton layer, which provides maximum comfort when worn.Pay attention when buying at the seams.The seam should be flat so as not to rub the skin and be invisible under clothing.

How and what to wear warm tights

on the shelves in stores today, a lot of pantyhose variety of colors and textures.Before you buy, consider what you will be wearing them.Also, do not forget the cost that the choice of the subject of clothes depends on the type of your figure.For example, full of girls is strictly contraindicated tights bright colors with a large pattern or fishnet stockings.If on the tights are thin vertical line, make it visually more slender legs.The best option for owners nemodelnyh parameters are dense black tights.

slender beauties can choose absolutely any options.However, make sure that the color and texture of the tights fit the clothes.

Also in store you can buy warm tights with low waist.This is an excellent option to wear a skirt or trousers.If you have to sit down or bend over, the others are not able to notice their upper edge.

trend in this year's knitted dresses combined with warm tights and leggings in a contrasting color.And thick tights look great, complete with boots and skirts.Beautiful and comfortable tights can be a vibrant part of your image.