What should be casual wear?

Casual wear is a minimal set of things that allow you to dress variously, but according to the situation in their daily lives.Of course, everyday wardrobe of two people can differ significantly because of the different way of life.Next will be considered casual wear average woman - working, and therefore have a basic set of things business style.

should start with the home wardrobe.For starters, you can discuss the dressing gown.The ideal option would be that the gown appropriate to go to the shower in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.This type of clothing is not intended to wear it at home during the day and do it everyday activities.In winter suit warm fur coat in the summer - a thin calico.You can buy and silk to look more attractive in the eyes of her husband.Sleeps correctly choose natural clothing, not beautiful synthetic underwear.During sleep, the body must necessarily rest.

Casual wear home wear should meet several criteria.It should be breathable, absorb moisture, it's nice

to go to the body to be comfortable and easy enough.Such clothing should be easy to wear, be practical and desirable that it did not need ironing.It should not form pellets, but its shape should not be lost even after several washings.As a home clothes better not to use things from the dense and heavy fabrics.

It is clear that the requirements for home wardrobe there is a lot that complicates the task of finding and purchasing the most suitable items.Great demand for athletic shorts and pants, as well as T-shirts, T-shirts and tops.Best of all, if there are several sets of clothes a corresponding season and replaced by a spare, just in case.

casual women's clothing for going outside most often polusportivny style because it functional, practical and convenient.You must have at least one classic trousers or jeans, or adjacent the free cut without hands, you can go to any place other than work or theater.When it comes to some more important events outside office hours, then is allowed to use the classic trousers from a working wardrobe.

Casual wear for girls in summer can include pants or jeans, which is appropriate to pick up a few shirts, T-shirts or shirts and cardigan made of cotton fabric.For the cold season you can buy turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans from a dense fabric.In the summer should buy one dress and skirt of the style that is most like.

Tops and shirts available in the locker room, and should be combined with trousers and skirts, then you do not need to buy a lot of things.For the cold season we can recommend to buy warm knit dress and a skirt, which will look harmonious with the existing warm cardigan as well as shirts, turtlenecks and sweaters.

Now you know what can be casual.