FOOTWEAR: how to choose and what to wear

¬ęThere is no bad weather," - said in the words of the famous song.But in fact, we are often confronted with the fact that in the off-season, ie autumn and spring, the bright sun is rapidly replaced by threatening clouds and rain.To go through all the vagaries of weather, you just need a quality demi shoes.

Choose material

fact of what made shoes, largely determines its durability, adaptability to changes in temperature and humidity.The best option material for shoes or boots - it's leather.The leather shoes legs will not be hot on a sunny day, and in the cold, it will protect you from hypothermia.Skin have one drawback: it transmits not only the air but also water.Taking a walk in these boots in the puddles, you run the risk of wet feet.However, this problem manufacturers have learned to fight.FOOTWEAR leather often has a special moisture repellent impregnation.

Patent leather is water inside, but at the same time afraid of excess moisture.If you purchased a lacquer boots, then stock up with a

soft cloth, which will have to constantly wipe the shoes.Luck looks smart, but he was too fastidious and is short-lived.

Suede - the most delicate material.Suede boots look stylish and elegant.However, they will have to look carefully.Also, remember that in order to show off suede shoes in wet weather.

FOOTWEAR leatherette can be of sufficient quality.However long it will last you do not, and her legs are constantly sweating.

to shop for shoes

sure to try on a pair of shoes that are going to buy.Walk around the store there to appreciate the convenience of pads.If your feet are prone to swelling, then go to the store in the evening so as not to miscalculate the size.

also recommend to try both shoes as most people's feet are different lengths.FOOTWEAR should have a slightly corrugated surface of the sole to the sudden cold snap insure you from falling on the ice.

Heel height - it's a matter of taste.Of course, for everyday wear better to choose is not too high.We also recommend to buy shoes with a heel stable form.Long studs should be reserved for parties.

demi Women's Shoes: types and features

assortment of women's shoes is very wide.On the shelves you can find a model to suit every taste and budget.What kind of demi shoes for women exist?

Booties - it's the trend of recent years.Any fashionista simply must have them in your wardrobe.Booties - a shortened shoes that cover the ankle only.They can be zipped, lace, clasp.Models ankle boots - the most diverse, they are executed from any material.

The choice is enormous, but it is necessary to consider some nuances.Ankle boots with high tops contraindicated owners of full and short legs.Such women are more suitable for most outdoor shoes.Slender beauties not recommended to buy boots or platform with a large number of massive jewelry.

Shoes somewhat similar boots, but have a higher ankle.These shoes ability to make thinner calves and feet in general, gracefully.Booties are great for ensemble with a skirt up to her knees.Breeches with a shoe combine in any case impossible.

As for boots, the shoes demi such a model is usually present in every woman's wardrobe.It is quite versatile because it can be combined with a skirt, pants, jeans, tunics and dresses.Perfectly matched boots can be a highlight of the image and make you irresistible.Choose them so that they are tight-fitting leg along the entire length.