Skirt Bell: The best style to give full

Skirt Bell is very popular among women of all body.Skinny and "donuts" is equally fond of this simple and elegant style.

Skirts style make this piece a soft, smooth, romantic.The skirt-bell hide wide hips, but emphasizes a slim ankles and shapely legs.

This skirt does not look so sad, like a garment that is worn internally.The skirt-bell beautiful, gives the image of playfulness and lightness.

silhouette skirt reminiscent of the bell from the waist hem of her uniform expanding.This style may have different lengths, cuts, coloring.

There are many nuances that make this skirt completely different.A woman with any form can choose for themselves the right skirt-bell.

main thing that unites different variations - a special flavor inherent in this style, a light and airy.

With the help of modern techniques such skirts become even more attractive by skilled draperies and decor.

Skirt Bell - ideal for owners of appetizing forms.In XVII century, when anorexia was still not in the price, dresses with skir

ts of the style worn by the royal court.

Then skirts were long.But with the change of a woman's life rhythm loops and long skirts have sunk into oblivion, the length decreased.

Today, you can choose a skirt or mini-bell midi.Such skirt allow the woman to move easily, gracefully, smoothly, and they do not hamper movement.

Fat woman in a skirt looks like a bell-air and easily.Thick waist emphasize the contrast between the waist and hips, hidden under the soft folds.

This gives a figure of structuring, clarity and harmony.

Particular attention should be paid to, what to wear with a skirt-bell.It is best to skirt Bell looks to classic tops and blouses.This is the best option for work as well as for a walk.For office visits can be supplemented with a bell skirt shorter jacket.

Also, this style looks great with shirts and T-shirts with a deep neckline."Pyshechki" should be able to use their strengths, for example, to demonstrate the smooth skin décolleté and beautiful high breasts.

Any styles of skirts for the full need to wear a heel.To skirt Bell is perfect and high platform.

For women of any build clothing equally necessary and comfort, and aesthetics.The bell-shaped skirts style allows you to combine these two important factors.In itself, this skirt does not restrict movement and does not create discomfort.It is easy to combine with the same comfortable clothing.That is, to create a beautiful and elegant clothes do not have to waste too much time.Skirts for obese women designed to emphasize the advantages of luxurious body, demonstrate that beauty - is not only thin legs and a narrow waist.

No man can resist the luxurious "donuts" in properly selected skirt.For full skirts for the ladies create harmony silhouette.Compliance proportions demonstration harmoniously folded shape - that's the main thing in choosing a skirt.