Do you know your breast size?

Oddly enough, but more than 70% of women can not name exactly your breast size, to name just a ballpark figure.When buying lingerie responsible for selecting the size falls on the seller, who must navigate in them.A woman choosing a style and coloring.Otherwise, when the seller is difficult to a certain size, women customers spend a long time in the dressing room.

When bra straps etched shine through blouse and glaring or protruding obviously spoil the shape of the cup, this indicates a wrong choice of lingerie.Of course, such factors as quality, shape and design play an important role in choosing a bra, but if your breast size is wrong, consider that you have wasted your time and money.

Knowing your options can be useful not only directly at the store when choosing lingerie, but also in everyday speech.You agree that the size of the 70-A sounds more impressive than one.If accidentally in a conversation with a man you loved, "blabbed" about their breast size, it is likely that you will get to the

beautiful and comfortable holiday gift.

In order to properly calculate the size of the bust, you will need to make some measurements.To get the correct result, you need help.Ask about her girlfriend, mother or sister.When measurements are taken, hands should be omitted, and the chest at the same time relaxed.For owners lush forms of procedure is better prodelyvat a bra that does not correct the shape of the breast.Measure measuring tape breast volume strictly horizontally by clicking on the most salient point of the mammary glands.Then measure the volume under the breast, tightly clutching the tape to the body.

Having these indicators, you can proceed to the calculation of the size of the bust.Bra size is marked by two parameters: alpha - the size of the cup, digital - the volume under the breast (sm).Under bust we have measured, but must take into account that you will find on the label rounded value of this indicator.Thus, the size varies from 70 67 to 72 cm 2 size breasts (75) - from 73 to 77 cm and so on according to the "plus 4 centimeters in volume is added to the size 5".

completeness cups size is determined by the formula "value minus the volume of the chest under the breast volume."Usually used for marking letters, beginning with «A», where the size of the "AA" is considered to be the smallest in size, followed by A, B, C and so on.Less commonly used numerical marking, we used to use in everyday speech.So, to measure yourself, we have one of the values ​​for which the size AA - a zero-size breasts, A - edinichka, B - dvoechka, C - 3 the size of the breasts and so on.

Now look matching performance difference between the volume of the breast and under the breast girth and determine your cup size.Dimension A (1) equal to the difference of 13 centimeters, B (2) - 14 cm, C (3) - 16 cm, D - 19 cm DD - 21 cm, E - 24 cm, F - 27 cm and so on.

To find out the size of the Italian or French lingerie, which are very popular, you need the difference between the girth of the chest and under the breast divide by 6. Manufacturers of these European countries use a different system sizing.

buying a bra, it should in any case first try, because the shape of the product is also important.Indeed, you can not approach the size of 80-B and 75-C, for example, or 85A.