Why nobody loves me, or far-fetched syndrome unloved

Lately girls who differ in social status and outlook, brings one sentence.It will sooner or later pronounced almost all of the fair sex.This phrase is: "Why nobody loves me?ยป

inadequate self-esteem

girls who "do not like", very idolize themselves and believe that everything must bow before them.When their expectations are not met, they complain: "Nobody loves me, nobody knows," - and depressed.So girls need a little lower your self-esteem and stop expecting that the world would be at their feet.We need to accept yourself as a piece of the world, not as a commodity, and to understand that each person is unique.

believe in themselves

At a time when some girls overestimate themselves, while others underestimate.They try to appear less in public, believing himself ugly, uninteresting and unnecessary.Girls their appearance signals about their shortcomings and receive an appropriate attitude.They do not like themselves.How they can love others?To find love, so the girls need to improve their

self-esteem to believe in themselves and love themselves.And then the prince on a white horse is not long to wait.

Cast out fear

There is another group of girls: those who are afraid of rejection.They are always unhappy because they can not find what they need.And they do not find it because it does not show his desire for fear of being rejected.As a result, they are enclosed in a vicious circle, which themselves created.To break out of this range, you need to overcome their fears and express their desires.The only way to find inner freedom.

reaction to failure

There are girls who are not getting admiring glances of men consider themselves a failure and harbor a grudge in his heart for the whole world.They constantly complain about the injustice of the people around them.In all the troubles they accuse loved ones.This leads to the fact that the man next to them do not stay long, but it can only cry: "Nobody loves me, nobody prigolubit."So the girls have to get rid of resentment and forgive others.When they open the world, then it will open back, and, quite possibly, will give an interesting meeting.

Looking ideal

Some of the female is inherent in the idealization.They invented for himself the ideal man and the ideal relationship and are looking for it in real life.But in the life of the ideal does not exist.So they get a perfect loneliness and suffering from this: "Why am I alone?Why nobody loves me? "So people need to look at the real men and found them positive qualities.As a result, they are able to fill our lives with diversity and to find your destiny.To the question "why nobody loves me" stopped caring about you, you must follow the instructions below:

- Develop adequate self-esteem.

- to believe in themselves.

- Get rid of the fear.

- Learn how to safely treat failures.

- refuse idealization.

Try to follow these tips and then the question "why nobody loves me" stop worrying your mind.