Tips girls: how to throw a guy without offending him?

Almost every girl there is a question about how to quit Man without offending him when she realizes that the feelings have cooled down, the passion faded and everything was somehow not the same as before.That's okay, because life is like that: with mistakes, with the search, with disappointments and doubts.Just relationships are exhausted, and she realized that with him it does not have a common future.It was then and there that very question: "How to quit Man without offending him?"

Everything is much easier to decide if a woman met him briefly a couple of weeks, for example.Here you can just give up a few times on the meeting, justifying it with the following sentence: "I'm sorry, it is impossible.I can not".After several refusals relationship completed themselves.

How to quit Man without offending him, if the couple have been together for several months or even a year?This is a difficult question.First you need to prepare.

First you need to determine for itself whether the relationship can no

t be saved.To do this, you need to imagine, if he's not there.And what will be life after this.If the prospects of encouraging and not frightening, it is not necessary to delay the parting.It is impossible in this case to delay is not too pleasant conversation for tomorrow, for next Sunday, or until the day after the holiday.Feeling that he will be after separation, will not depend on the date when this will happen.

necessary to genuinely afford to answer the following question: "Is it true I want to break the relationship, forget everything, bury in the past or is it just some kind of way to add visual sensations, get a little bit of his attention or fierce desire for revenge?"

Before wondering about how to quit Man without offending him to realize that separation will cause pain and suffering both to him and the most initsiatorshe.And it would not be a sign that she is making a mistake.It's just an ordinary compassion, the manifestation of psychological orientations that are inherent in any normal person with heart and soul.

"Brochu guy - what's next?" Some of the girls there is a question.Next will be a wave of incomprehension, aggression.From the Man, and even from friends.But I have to accept it.And nothing lasts forever, and this situation will sooner or later become mired in the past.

Before you throw guy, without offending him, you need to prepare.As most and prepare it.He probably felt himself coming break.But if not, it is necessary to maximize the distance between them and it.That is, to abandon the meetings and to minimize phone calls and other communications.If a couple lives together, you can not roll up scandals and blaming any details.Only through tact and moderation will do everything carefully and do not cause so much pain and suffering.

It is not a shame to throw the guy?Just do not come up with reasons for a la "I'm not fit," "there is better."He himself knows what he wants.Everything has to be with a smile on his face, friendly, warm.You can say goodbye to little comforting word or a compliment, which will emphasize their dignity.After all, he was once nice ... Everything you certainly will!