How to grow hair?

Every woman, girl and girl dreams of having a long, luxurious hair.Men want their hair shone with health and density.A special feature of our generation is the rapid change of styles, so even yesterday's haircut a la Patricia Kaas is replaced by locks Aishwarya Rai.And then there is the question of how to grow hair fast.

the fastest, but also the most expensive method is to increase.A positive aspect of this way is a fast and extensive choice of length of the original material and color of the hair.What confuses most beautiful women - is unnatural and short-lived.By the way, locks, Naroscheny in the cabin, require special care.

second and most popular method of how to grow hair is the use of a variety of masks, vitamins and means activates the hair follicles and therefore, the growth of hair.The most effective method to speed up hair growth are as follows:

1. A variety of masks.Type of hair and scalp every human individual.Therefore grow hair woman with a sensitive scalp is much harder than her f

riend with a normal type covers.Suitable for all hair types will mask with yeast ingredients, beer, vitamins.The basis of many masks for dry hair up oil: coconut, almond, amly, aloe vera and burdock.For people with normal to oily scalp recommended weight with mustard, hot pepper and onion.There is a stereotype that apply cocktails for the hair can be exclusively for women.While men grow hair?In India, for example, men are in the majority use a variety of oils for the hair, and it should be noted that the lush and beautiful and sometimes very long hair - the pride of Indian men.

2. Currently, gaining increasing popularity mesotherapy.This is a special procedure in which a long, thin needle, which goes procaine, and other useful substances, introduced a short distance into the scalp.This procedure not only stops the process of hair loss and stimulating hair follicles to grow.Additionally, Mesotherapy allows rejuvenate the body and stop the process of aging.

3. grow hair also helps to massage the head, brushing with a soft brush for 10-20 minutes daily.It should be remembered that the mane need air: do not pull it with rubber bands and barrettes.It is necessary to avoid thermal effects on the hair, as high temperatures destroy the structure of hair and lead to thinning.

4. Whatever means any person used as much as possible to grow hair for a month can only 1.25-2 cm. With the right approach they can grow up healthy and full of energy.Hair - the same part of the body, as well as other organs, so they are also influenced by a person's lifestyle, his bad habits and diet.The body receiving all the necessary vitamins and minerals from the food pleases his master good health that great impact not only on the internal state of a person, but also manifests itself outside: a beautiful complexion, clean skin and gorgeous hair.Stress, depression and fatigue will not give the opportunity to grow hair fast.

summarize.In order to grow beautiful and healthy hair, you need not only the use of various tools and procedures, and proper nutrition and avoiding harmful habits.Just getting all the necessary nutrients and proper care, hair will grow and please his master.