How to dye your hair with henna at home

Today, many women refuse artificial hair colors in favor funds that prompted Mother Nature - namely, in favor of henna.But still the correct dye your hair with henna at home?On this question, we will try to answer in this article.

fact that women refuse from top brands of hair dyes in favor of more natural products, such as henna, right.Women choose naturalness, but face the challenge of how to dye your hair with henna.Mogim think that it is very difficult and requires special skills.This is fundamentally wrong.Although it is a long, laborious process, in order to get the desired shade of copper hair, does not necessarily make henna stain in the interior.All this can be done at home.Nothing complicated about how to dye your hair with henna, no.

first step is to determine how much you will need to henna.The fact that the amount of solids depends not only the length, but also on the density of hair.On average, you need to take two bags at a time.Given that Henna - a natural dye, pour boiling water ov

er it only needs to make it a consistency like sour cream.If you pour the henna with water at room temperature - it just did not brew and can not pay its color.

Prior to dye your hair with henna, you need to prepare them for the upcoming procedure.First, trim the ends.When painting, they become more vivid color.After the henna is also highly undesirable dye your hair with chemical dyes, as output may happen is not the same color as the manufacturer promises.

Needless to say that the hair must be clean and the color was more resistant and bright.If you want to get a darker color, close to the Red, before you dye your hair with henna, add a teaspoon of dry powder of natural ground coffee and zaparte together.Do not forget that henna stains also skin.Therefore it is better to work with her gloves, causing a creamy mass with a brush.Usually, henna from the skin is washed away pretty quickly, and after the first wash ready from her skin no trace remains.In order to protect themselves in possible contact with the substance on the neck or forehead, before staining, apply to these places any fat cream.

Perhaps the only drawback of henna is that it is quite a long time to wash off.Fine particles are entangled in the hair, so in order to clean up all the grass henna their hair, you'll need a lot of water.If you wash it well enough, the scalp may start to itch from the remaining fine particles.Besides, henna tends to accumulate in both the hair and does not wash off, what women sometimes argue sellers.Therefore, if you are a lover of frequent daring experiments, you will approach another way of painting the hair, but henna.Colouring it is suitable for those women who are ready for a long time to become a joyful, shining and radiant ginger honey.However, this should not be abused.Like any dye used is best described by once or twice a month, and to maintain the brightness of the color is enough to rinse your hair with henna - a few teaspoons per liter of boiling water.After such rinsing saturated color back.