What kinds of hairstyles to choose?

Types of hairstyles suitable one particular person will depend on many factors: the shape of the face, regular features, shape, ears, nose and chin, from the well-groomed hair, on their structure, length.A major role is also played by fashion style of the client, the availability of the upcoming celebrations.

All variety of models can be reduced to two types:

  • Contrast haircuts, characterized by sharp differences over the length of the individual strands.
  • soft one, with smooth transitions length.

This classification is very generalized.In fact, the types of haircuts, or model, to be more exact, a very, very diverse.There are those that are intended solely for short hair.These include the following kinds of hairstyles:

  • French.It looks great on any woman.It is convenient because it does not require complicated installation, holds its shape for a few months, when the individual does not lose hair regrowth.
  • Garzon.Ladies do not have to spend much time on installation.And every day you can chang
    e your style: perfectly smooth locks tousled curls or a perky, voluminous or carefully combed back, with bangs or without.
  • Zador.Something like a boyish haircut.To always look beautiful, no need to spend a lot of time styling and hair care.Excellent keeps its shape, hiding his ears are too big.

Long hair - the perfect decoration women.Especially if they are healthy and well-groomed.Proper mowing will only accentuate their natural beauty.

most popular kinds of hairstyles for long hair as a ladder and a cascade.They perfectly hide the extra roundness of the face, pulling his visual oval.Give additional volume thin and sparse hair.It does not require special installation.But it is better to use the ladies with straight or slightly wavy hair.Curly when a haircut can be just like a dandelion.But quads or Bob will look great on curly hair.However, this classic hairstyle and fit perfectly straight strands.The classic bob is typically up to the middle of the neck, although variations can be vast.

There are kinds of haircuts that look equally good and long hair, and short.

  • cap.It will be perfect for ladies of any age, regardless of the type and structure of the hair.It looks good, even when the hair begins to grow, do not require special care.
  • Gavroche.Selection of young and bold girls.Short on the sides and top, long hair behind left.This hairstyle highlight its possessor from the crowd.Especially if it is applied creative painting.
  • Knave.Ideal for smooth thick hair.Caring for her is very simple, but it takes to correct a haircut once every three weeks.Otherwise, it will lose its neat appearance.

types of haircuts for men are presented not as a great variety, but still stronger sex as indifferent to their appearance, and even the same haircut for different young people look differently.Separate men's haircuts can be very short or shaved hairstyles, short, medium length and long.Very short and short haircuts recommended with proper shape of the head.They give a man a sporty look.Tight virtually universal, allows to choose the most appropriate way.But long hairstyle should be chosen individually.The most popular among the stronger sex poluboks, boxing and hedgehog.Each of them gives the individual man, requires little care and styling tools.