How to quickly grow long hair?

All girls dream of having long, luxurious and healthy hair.That's just what they are given by nature, they do not appreciate.How to restore hair, and to accelerate their growth?

no secret that at home you can prepare highly effective hair mask.It's enough to look in the fridge.What can be used primarily?To do this, define the problem: the slow growth of hair, split ends, lifeless hair length or over-dried locks.As a rule, the effect can be to make such a mask, which helps solve all the problems at once.These wonderful facilities include all cosmetic oils, but a leader among them, of course, will be burdock, a lovely property which knew even our grandmothers.

So, after determining the problem should be identified and the type of hair.For example, if you have oily hair that quickly become contaminated with oil-based masks will have to wait;If your hair is dry and dehydrated, the hair mask with mustard, reviews of which are always the best, they can be very retain moisture, so it is better not to use.

Hair masks against section help to make hair smooth, shiny and soft.For this purpose, perfect already noted above burdock oil, as well as the usual gelatin, a mask which is called the "home lamination."Gelatin has excellent adhesive properties, just need to know the intricacies and the technology of its application.So: a tablespoon of gelatin pour four tablespoons of boiling water, then leave to infuse for 15 minutes;then melted in a water bath or in a microwave oven to a liquid state and then add to favorite tablespoon balsam / serum / oil for the hair;cause the whole mass to clean hair, wrap in a plastic bag, wrap the top with a towel and all hair dryer to warm up for 15 minutes.If you do not perform this last point, the effect of lamination fail.

How to deal with the slow growth of hair?To do this would be an excellent solution for hair mask with mustard (positive responses can be found on the Internet).Two tablespoons mustard powder diluted with water, then you can add a tablespoon burdock oil, then rub the pulp into the roots, then warmed the old cap.The first time it is desirable to take at least half an hour so as to burn must be strong.Hair mask with mustard (ratings confirms its effective action) can achieve great results if you use it at least twice a week.

also excellent home remedies are honey and, oddly enough, mayonnaise.These masks should be applied to clean hair, and for a long period, preferably overnight.The hair becomes soft and non pushatsya.

Hair mask with mustard, reviews of which speak for themselves, the mask of burdock oil, honey, mayonnaise, egg yolk - all excellent home remedies that can help you not only to restore hair, but quickly they grow.