What to do when climbing hair

very many men and women over time, begin to notice that their hair is climbing.There is a lot of questions, which was the reason for the problem and how to deal with it.Hair loss - the process of daily and normal, but when it occurs in moderate amounts.If every time after combing or shampooing lost much of it, it is worth thinking about how to deal with the fact that hair climb.After all, if time does not have to address this problem, it is possible and bald.

reasons that cause hair loss, a great many.Temperature drops, close hats, stress and emotional overload - all this significantly affects their condition.In addition, hair loss can often be caused by excessive enthusiasm coloring, perm, using all kinds of hair dryers for drying, hot irons, ploek.All this affects mercilessly hair structure, leading to that climb hair."What to do?"- Asking those who had to deal with this problem.

rid of the problem of hair loss is possible, if you follow some guidelines.For those who are extremely interested in t

he change of image, it is necessary to postpone it and give your hair a break from zavivok and paint layers.If possible, you should reduce the use of all kinds of ploek and hair dryers that dry and destroy the hair.Do not make too tight braids and ponytails and walk bareheaded in windy and cold weather.

restore damaged hair to help all kinds of hair masks, for example, a mask of egg yolk, rye bread, warm whey.Help decoctions and nettle, burdock root, or sweet flag.

Those who climb hair, will help resolve this issue as burdock.Oil simply rubbed into the scalp and wash off after half an hour of warm water.You can use oil in combination with burdock shampoo that will bring more tangible results.

Young mothers are beginning to notice that they climb hair after childbirth.This is often a consequence of a chronic lack of sleep, stress, overwork, lack of certain trace elements, but may be related to the drop in the level of female hormones - estrogen during lactation.It is therefore recommended in this case drink special vitamins for nursing mothers who will not harm the baby, as well as eating more natural and fresh foods and avoid eating pickled and smoked products, which are undesirable for young mothers.

Wash head recommended special restorative shampoos and used after shampooing balm-conditioner.Hair thereby be easy to comb, and thus the less fall.In addition, it will head massage, which is performed during her cleaning.Massage stimulates blood circulation, thereby a flow of nutrients and vitamins to the hairline and prevents hair loss.

If the recommendations described above did not help, and you continue to climb hair, you should consult a qualified doctor help trihologa that, taking into account your individual needs, select the right course of treatment.