Mustache girls - causes and methods of getting rid of them

Mustache girls - a rather unpleasant thing for young beauties.It would seem that the hair on the face - this is purely a man's fate with which they do an excellent job.But no, many girls also have to long and hard to get rid of the gun (and to whom and from stubble) on the face.

Mustache girls.Reasons

appearance of whiskers at women can be caused by many factors.As a rule, mustache girls - this is the result of hormonal disorders in the body when there is a surplus of male hormones.Therefore, the sudden appearance of facial hair is to visit an endocrinologist, who will appoint the delivery of the analysis, and if necessary, treatment.

If disorders of the hormone is detected, then the cause of whiskers girls is heredity.Even the tendency to growth of body hair can be transmitted from generation to generation.This problem is particularly concerned about the women of the Caucasian nationalities.But not all as bad as many people realize, and this nasty little thing as hereditary mustache girls solv

ed quite easily.Let's see, what to do in this situation.

Removal mustache girls

There are many ways to help get rid of facial hair.If you would not remove it yourself, you can use the services of beauty salons in which you can offer to perform a photo or electrolysis.These methods allow to get rid of unwanted tendrils about a month.But they are very expensive and a little painful.

Many of the girls are used to cope with this annoying problem alone.For example, if you only have a few extra hairs that very well, you're tired, then you can resort to tweezers and simply pull them.Doing this preferably after a bath or shower, since the skin steamed, this process will be faster and less painful.

You can also use the old way of our grandmothers - bleaching mustaches 3-5% solution of hydrogen peroxide.To do this, they need to moisten a cotton swab and apply in place of hair growth at 1.5 hours.Perform these actions you need every day as long as the hair will not become white.But this way is to be very careful those girls whose skin is very sensitive - it can burn.

One of the most effective and harmless method of getting rid of the mustache is waxing sugar.To prepare the paste, you will need a tablespoon of water, 10 tablespoons of sugar and the juice from half a lemon.All the ingredients are mixed in a saucepan and put on a slow fire.Brewed this mass until until the sugar melts and acquires a brown color.The mixture is then cooled and applied to a mustache, and put on top of a strip of fabric, which, after thickening of sugar need to pull sharply (along the hair growth).Of course, the procedure is unpleasant, but
very effective.If, after she had a skin irritation, apply a soothing cream that place.Such an option of getting rid of the whiskers could replace waxing, and it's great for those who have very coarse hairs and thick.

Many owners antennae at least once, but it was their idea to shave.But it does not need!After all, with each successive shave they will grow even thicker and darker.Naturally, to get rid of them will already be difficult.