What you need for a divorce?

Most enamored little thought to the need to marry.The answer to this question can give almost everyone: It is recommended to contact the authorities of the registrar.But, as you quickly get the answer will be the problem that it is necessary for a divorce?

The simplest procedure - administration, when it is carried out with the registry office.This possibility will be for those spouses who have joint children (minors), and there is mutual agreement.First, you need to apply.There are two possibilities:

  • a joint appeal;
  • one spouse wrote a statement and the other signed and notarized signature.

What you need for a divorce yet?Must be collected the following documents:

  1. receipt confirming that the corresponding stamp duty was paid.
  2. documents that prove the identity of divorcing citizens (passport).
  3. original marriage certificate.

From the day of submission of the application must pass a month.Next, the couple come to the registrar, and confirmed his desire to divorce, get an official documen

t - a certificate of its dissolution and a stamp in the passport - "Marriage is dissolved ...".This procedure is very simple.

But you need to divorce if the couple plans to "share" the common property and children?The only solution to this problem - you need to go to court.The same procedure is recommended in case one of the spouses refuses or evades divorce.We make a reservation, that this kind of divorce proceedings quite complicated and have a lot of nuances.

Firstly, the court will not make a decision on divorce, if the child is a year, and my mother against him.

Secondly, in case of disagreement or evasion of someone of the spouses, as well as its non-attendance in court, the third meeting make the final decision about divorce.

Third, you need to immediately solve complex issues and to formulate a claim relating to the fate of children and joint assets.

Therefore, in addition to the traditional and the above issue, you need to prepare the following documents for divorce in court:

  • claim for division of property;
  • claims to be the fate of children and alimony requirements.

After applying a set of documents, the law will take a month, during which should arrive in the mail on the agenda of the scheduled date and time of the hearing.

What is needed for a divorce quickly now?Only patience, because the spouses will be asked questions about the reasons for the collapse of marriage, the presence ways of reconciliation and so on.As a rule, the court does not always take a decision on divorce immediately, giving time to think.Therefore, if there is a final decision to get a divorce, be sure to insist on it.In such a case, have to be paid attention to the resolution of claims and obligations of alimony.

But, as a rule, these processes have delayed feature.Since the court may:

  • not satisfy the claims of one of the spouses, which gives him the right to re-start the trial;
  • postpone a decision on the case by assigning a term for the spouses so that they are reconciled, and so on.

In any case, divorce proceedings may drag on for many years, spoiling nerves "former" and breaking the psyche of children, who often start to "share", "loving" parents.

So, before you start thinking about what you need for a divorce, it is recommended to spouses try to hear each other, build relationships with your loved once a man and avoid a complex and unpleasant procedure as its termination in court.It is recommended to simply agree among themselves.