What to do and how to file for divorce, if there is a child?

When tried all ways of reconciliation when vytrepany all the nerves and exhausted all the possibilities, and close once in love with each other people come to the conclusion that the divorce between them is inevitable.If it affects only two fates, the couple quietly go to the registry office, write a request and receive the necessary documents and printing.But there are situations where the decision affects another and little life.Then the question "how to file for divorce if there are children" is not set in the registry office, and go to court.Well, when the children have grown up, they are 18 years of age, then they have their own life.For their parents are no longer responsible.But if the children are small, then they need both parents, well-being and love.And this is a moot point, who is legally entitled to decide only the court.Here and becomes relevant question: "How do I file for divorce if there is a child?"

About this easy to write, but it is difficult to implement in practice all.When peopl

e are complete strangers to each other, life under the same roof is transformed into a living hell.And children do not need in this life.When the atmosphere is pumped to the state of the explosion, everything would be easier if it is weak, even divorce.The tragedy is not that parents are nasty to each other and to live apart.Often, such an order of things already existed in the family long before its official registration.Not a single day, people are complete strangers to each other.The problem is not that you need to move, something to share, start all over again.With that people face often without divorces, and often willing to agree to such changes.The real tragedy begins when people cease to function properly, make unworthy acts, manipulate children and relatives.Divorce - the ordeal that should not escalate into war and confrontation.Therefore, the most important thing for the conscious parents - is to conduct a divorce, if there is a child, the most calm, balanced and responsible manner.After all, the psychological state of the child's more important than wealth and private gain.

The first thing you need to do - is to calm down.And only then without emotion to wonder about how to file for divorce, if there is a child.To simplify this unpleasant procedure is to start all agree with each other.You need an the fact of divorce, that he was completely mutual.There must be no property claims to each other.To be specified who and where to live, what to hold and so on.And most importantly, that there is general consensus about the child: who he is, how to see the other parent, as a former spouse will have to help educate and support the child.If these issues are resolved between you, the process of divorce through the courts is not particularly different from the usual legal procedure paperwork.

Yet the question of how to file for divorce, if there is a child, is still open.Nobody likes to mess around with pieces of paper, and then have to.First, write a statement in court are available in each sample, which indicates all of the data, the circumstances of the case, or no agreement reached, as well as formulate a request to the court.You can write in any form, but as clearly and concisely.The Court does not need emotion and resentment, and only the facts.The application are putting copies of passports, marriage certificate and the birth of children, receipt of payment of state fees and other related business documents.And all this necessarily in duplicate.To contact a lawyer in non-conflict situations, too.But to clarify the procedure for your particular court costs.The court office will always give necessary information and details.

legal procedure is started, and sooner or later it will be brought to an end.But the moral question will torture for a long time.How to apply for a divorce if there is a child, and is it right?