Goods premium: WMF - kitchen clock

not know what to give to a loved one?It seems that all that is needed for a comfortable life, he already has?Do not jump to conclusions.High-quality products of renowned brand WMF (Kitchen clocks, cutlery and accessories) may be a worthy and welcome gift for your friend or relative.For products manufactured under this brand, known throughout the world.

History of the brand WMF

company W├╝rttembergische Metallwarenfabrik is famous for producing high-quality cookware for decades.It was founded in 1853 by Daniel Straub and the brothers Schweizer.Ten years later, their unique cutlery received at the London exhibition gold medal for quality and unique design.In 1880, the company is expanding, increasing the productive capacities.In 1992, on the basis of the updated WMF for the manufacture of cutlery, a new method of melting silver.Its technology is a unique, patented, is used exclusively for cooking utensils of the brand.The brand now has more than 200 branches in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.Brand

WMF (kitchen clock, accessories and cutlery) is presented in twenty-four parts of the globe.The company itself is one of the ten largest trading giants, specializing in the production of dining utensils.

product range WMF

kitchen clock, bar accessories, vases, knives, buckets for cooling, jugs, beaters, Dress boards, children's cutlery, braziers, forks, mill, potato masher, buckets, pots, casserole,baskets, napkin rings, coffee maker, spatulas, nipples, bowls, stack, sugar, scissors, pruners, orehokoly, bottle openers, candles and candlesticks, trays, serving dishes - all product names WMF.Also, the trademark produces stands, containers, shelves, ladles, spoons, tools for seafood, salad bowls, pans, strainers, pressure cooker, cutlery for 6 and 12 persons, mortars, graters, kettles, bread bins, cup, hammers and hatchets, corkscrews,spadefoot, tongs, slotted spoon, and other kitchen items.The range includes both metal and glassware.The company also produces coffee makers and other specialized appliances.

little product

goods sold under the brand WMF, valued around the world for their beauty and quality.The company has quite a long time cooperates with renowned industrial designers.And thanks to the new technology of smelting silver products, even after years of use as a new look and keeps its function.Very popular among customers enjoy the WMF kitchen clock with thermometer.They are unique in that they not only show the current time, but also the room temperature.This feature will avoid buying additional devices with temperature sensor.The proposed trademark of WMF kitchen clock can be especially useful for older and sick people, depending on the temperature, and mothers with small children.Coffee machines, Automatic coffee machines and a series of classic breakfast will fully enjoy the better side of life, to feel it a new taste.A cutlery and accessories from WMF create a pleasant atmosphere for peace dinner in friendly company.