How to take care of gold ornaments?

Everyone is familiar with the fact that the gold items is very resistant to the adverse effects of certain environmental factors.However, this jewelry like earrings still require more care of themselves.

to restore it should either contact the workshop to a jeweler, or try to clean up the product at home.This makes it possible to wear, such as rings of gold for a long time.How?Now consider.

first be poured into a small container of warm water to which add two or three drops of ammonia.In the lower part of gold jewelry and leave it there for a few hours.Then rinse under running water and dry with a soft cloth.

In order for things of gold is not dirty, they should be cleaned from time to time with a soap solution.To make it, pour the first cup of warm, not hot, water.Add to it a little liquid soap or shampoo.Put here gold jewelry for 30-40 minutes.Then clean them with an old toothbrush.After cleaning, rinse in cold water earrings.

third way to get rid of the dirt on the gold jewelry is that in a smal

l vessel to pour equal parts hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.There gold jewelry drop earrings small.Then, close the jar lid, and an hour open.Rinse the product under running water, they will look like just bought.

for many becomes an insoluble problem how to return the jewelry shine at home.In this case, you should pour a glass of warm water, which mix one tablespoon of sugar.Put that glass ornaments at night.In the morning, remove and polish them with a soft cloth usual.

Another way to get rid of stubborn dirt on jewelry, is to clean it with the vinegar.To begin, pour a small glass of wine vinegar and soak him a sponge or old toothbrush and clean decoration.If the dirt is not washed immediately, leave the jewelry in the liquid for twenty minutes.

But, of course, to avoid problems with the cleaning of jewelry and not to take his head with all sorts of solutions of purchase in a jewelry store special means for cleaning.It consists of specially selected components that are protective of the decoration and carefully washed contamination.