The costumes for the New Year: Doing their own hands

parents in the family that has a child of pre-school or primary school age, every year before Christmas party given the task of his child, and begin to search for the required attributes such as costumes for the New Year.And in every home, this problem is solved in different ways: some parents sew costumes for the New Year with their hands, the second - run in special salons and take clothes for kids rented, and others - buy.But in any case, regardless of where the child came suit if it was made with love, it will love you Chad.

Many mothers, and most often it is they have a concern about the choice of costume, are afraid to start the production of carnival costume own hands, considering the task daunting.In fact, nothing complicated to make costumes for the New Year, no.It is only important to remember a few rules and you can create exclusive original costume for your own child.

What you need to festive clothing reflects the essence of his character, whether Piero, Snowflake, Fox or Baba Yaga?It t

urns out that it is important to just remember the following points:

1) fabric from which will be sewn clothes should be strong and at the same time easy to kid can move actively, and was not afraid of that suit can somewhere to catch and tear;

2) if you have in mind for your character if there are any additional accessories, such as the sword of Robin Hood or Little Red Riding Hood basket, make sure that the items were light and could harm your child or others;

3) try to think about the smallest details of the future of the suit, which will make it expressive and help children in appearance and accessories to determine who is in front of them.

So all learned the basic rules, you can talk more specifically about the costumes for the New Year.

butterfly or fairy

girls at any age dream to be a fairy, one wave of a magic wand which is sufficient to fulfill any desire.In order to get a fairy costume, any carnival dress sewn bright wings made of wire frame covered with mesh or thick paper with applique.The second part of the dress - a hoop attached to it with nice mustache.All easy way of creating translucent created.


Boys love more brutal images and fun dress up a bear or a wolf suit.In order to maximize the child correspond to the selected character, you must choose a shaggy fake fur and sew from his overalls.At the same time it is not necessary to spend money on new materials - the pattern can be made out of overage coat.

If suitable fur is not available, you can try to do everyday things, and that is the baby.For example, a dark jacket or sweater with a hood you can sew his own ears made from soft fabric to make mittens and sew them like a bear paw prints.Spout can make up the kid in black or brown cosmetic pencil in front of you and the spitting image of the master forest.


This lightweight air suit is popular is not the first year.To produce such a dress, you have to sew a dress of thin material, such as organza or tulle skirt and decorate silver or gold snowflakes, embroidered on the sewing machine.

second important piece suit should be root.It is easy to manufacture of wire and wrap a beautiful rain.

Astrologer or sorcerer

This costume is suitable both girls and boys.It includes a beautiful cap, made of cardboard and covered with velvet, brocade and even better.If you choose a one-color fabric glue to the hat silver and gold stars and crescents, and attach to the tip of a beam of rain.

second important piece suit astrologer is a cloak, for which you need to sew a dark satin or other flowing fabric.Above the coat it is also desirable to decorate the stars.

no harm in this suit will be a magic wand.

Above, we have described only a few children's costumes for the New Year.In fact, almost any fairytale or cartoon character can be a source of inspiration for festive attire.