How to cook a goose in the oven?

Before the holidays many housewives are concerned about how to please your family and friends with something particularly tasty and unusual.For example, how to cook a goose with apples, delicious, fragrant and refined, such that after each piece of every member of the family wanted to get the supplement.The case is not too complicated, but it requires certain skills and experience.

For many women, who like to pamper yourself and your loved ones with something delicious cooking goose absolutely not a problem.They know that this bird is, in fact, preparing itself, if properly prepared and stuff with your favorite stuffing.The main difficulty lies in the fact that the dish is a must languish in the oven for a long time (sometimes up to 3 hours depending on the size of the bird), so the chef should have a considerable reserve of patience, so as not to interrupt the process of baking too early.

Before you cook the goose in the oven should not only patience, but also pick up the necessary ingredients, to

ols and utensils, the best - baking dish.To create this delicious and aromatic dishes need: Goose (bird of average size) and apples (1500 m.).It may also be useful to butter (50 gr.), Salt, pepper or other spices and herbs - basil, dill, parsley and mint.Goose carcass must be carefully disembowel, get rid of the feathers and innards, rinse several times in cold water.Then the goose is rubbed with a mixture of herbs and spices (only on the culinary taste and preferences).Even before how to cook the goose in the oven for baking, it should take apples for stuffing.They can be washed and cleaned beforehand, then cut into several pieces and put in the carcass of a goose, which is then carefully stitched with thread.

Goose prepared so smeared with butter and transferred to a baking dish.It then remains only to pour a little water in a bowl (100-150 gr.) And put it in the oven.In the process of baking is necessary to periodically look into the baking dish and water drips from above carcass fat.Prepare the bird should last as long as it is required, depending on its size, but on average, about one and a half to two hours, after which the next meal extract, delete all threads and shift the bird on a broad plate, decorating before serving, washed and chopped herbs.

If it seems that the process is too complicated, and you would like to know how to cook a goose in the oven a little faster and easily, you should pay attention to the following recipe.For him the need to directly carcasses, a set of spices and baking sleeve.Carefully prepared poultry should be cleaned, rid of the pen, wash, rub with spices and a couple of hours put into the sleeve.When the bird is thoroughly soaked, her skin will need to make a few punctures with a fork, and then repack it in the sleeve and send in the oven.After about two or two and a half hours the finished dish can be removed, cut and serve the holiday table, seasoning herbs and favorite sauce.

At all times, the women knew how to bake a goose and beautifully submit it to the table.Ruddy bird, stuffed with apples, served as a symbol of the high level of skill hostess and great wealth in her home.Many years ago, a goose with apples could occur equally on the royal table, and lunch at the common people.Unfortunately, the modern world has deprived us of many great recipes and skills, and chicken on our holiday tables appear much more often than in the old days.In addition, how to cook a goose in the oven, if before this bird had to be prepared in a wood-fired oven?In general, goose stuffed with all sorts of goodies was a real rarity, dare to cook that can not all chefs.