How to make a snowflake out of paper: stepping

Each of us at least once in a life cut snowflakes.Typically, this has to be faced when a family has young children who enjoy the beauty of the cut.And, of course, none of the New Year is complete without this decoration.Cut snowflakes can be pasted on the glass windows, hang them on the Christmas tree, the walls and even the ceiling.You can make a beautiful snowflake garland and hang it across the room.Beautiful and unique snowflake can be used even as a napkin on a festive table.

most popular material for the manufacture of snowflakes, this paper.It may be both monochrome and color.The main thing is that the paper is soft, because of the hard will be very difficult to cut out patterns.You can use tissue paper and napkins, and ordinary printing is also nice.

If you have forgotten or does not know how to make a paper snowflake, continue reading this article until the end.In fact, complicated in this nothing, not even a small child who knows what the scissors, under the supervision of parents can cut

snowflakes, and then come up with a place to hang them.

To start, prepare all necessary.It is best to cut on the table, then it was convenient to collect the garbage.To produce the most simple snowflakes you will need scissors, paper and your imagination.

now analyze in detail how to make snowflakes from white paper:

1. Take a square sheet of paper.If the paper has a rectangular shape, made her a square cut off all unnecessary.

2. Fold the square diagonally.

3. The resulting triangle fold in half, to the dividing line passed through the upper corner and the base of the triangle.

4. Again, the resulting triangle fold in half again in the same manner as described above.

5. Now comes the most important thing.The edges of the snowflakes, which are located opposite the main corner (which we were guided in the bending of), you can crop the way you like it.This will determine the shape of your snowflake.Thus, it can be square, as cloves or rounded.You can make a snowflake less, it is necessary to cut it free edge (the former base of the triangle) on the right amount of centimeters.

6. On the so-called "body" snowflakes you can cut any patterns that will prompt your imagination.Here you can experiment and create the most different beauty.

7. After making a snowflake out of paper you turned, expand the finished work and enjoy the end result.Do not be afraid if your first snowflake failed.Over time, you get the hand, and can cut very real masterpieces.

Now I will tell you about how to make a snowflake out of paper more difficult.Do not be afraid, the complexity will consist only in the fact that not a snowflake will be rectangular in shape, as was the case in the first embodiment, and octagonal.The essence is the same, only after you add the second time formed a triangle in half, you have to fold it again.Simply put, you first have to fold the square diagonally, and then three times in half a triangle, acting on the same principle: divide the upper corner of the half, the line of division passes through the base of the triangle.Then you have to cut out patterns and make the edges of the shape of snowflakes.

How do snowflakes out of paper, so that they are bright and colorful?First, you can use colored paper, or try to cut snowflakes from foil (but it is very difficult).And I offer you the option: cut snowflakes from plain white paper, and then just paint the it.Can be pasted on a snowflake finely ground pieces of Christmas toys, or take the same foil, finely its shear, and also sticking to a snowflake.By the way, the decoration of snowflakes you can charge to your children.

That's it, now you know how to make a snowflake from a paper.I want to reveal to you another little secret: search the Internet manufacturing three-dimensional snowflakes.It turns out a large volume and therefore is able to decorate any room.