Easter crafts with their hands by Easter.

Easter - the most bright holiday.Unfortunately, Easter has not accepted to give some significant gifts.But you can make a small fake Easter with their own hands.What do Easter crafts with their hands to eat the passover?The choice may be limited only by your imagination!The only limitation that may relate to crafts for Easter with their own hands - it is subject.Stick to the subject Easter holiday.Let your hand-made article will present images of angels, doves, temples itpEaster crafts with their hands for Easter can be very diverse.Let us consider a few options:

1. Easter card.Make a greeting card for Easter with their hands snap!Take a sheet of thick white cardboard.Folded in half.To fold was flat, in the middle of the sheet draw a straight line in pencil, bend the sheet with a ruler and erase the line.Now you need to decorate the cover page postcards.Cut a rectangle from a sheet of colored paper red.By size, it should be 2-3 cm less than the cover sheet on each side.Corrugated cardboard or other p

aper cut out decoration frame for postcards.Glue a blank cover page.It is better to choose the glue to the double sided tape or a sticker, as from liquid adhesive may remain ugly divorce.Gather a small graphic to stick it in the middle of the sheet.This may be a picture of a temple or plates with colored eggs.From shiny paper cut "HV" or the words "Happy Easter."Tags on the workpiece.The title page is ready!You can show imagination and decorate a postcard lace or satin ribbon.Now we have to write in and wish for a beautiful gift ready!

But Easter crafts with their hands for Easter are not limited to card making.

2. Eggs.Of course, it is the main symbol of Easter.You can make an egg out of a tree and decorate it, you can make an egg from the beads.And you can make it out of the thread!You will need a balloon, colored thread, PVA glue, needle and scissors.Inflate the balloon small that its shape resembles an egg.Needle and thread is inserted through a jar of glue, so the thread will be wet from the glue.Tightly wrapped with thread ball.Give to dry and gently deflate balloon.We pull it out from the resulting eggs.The result was a beautiful and original gift for Easter.Nobody canceled and colored eggs as gifts.

3. cakes.As well as the dyed eggs - a traditional gift for Easter.But here you can show imagination.For example, an unusually decorate.

4. Jewellery.You can make the original suspension of beads in the form of an angel or a pigeon, and you can make a decoration of the eggshell.By the way, out of the eggshell can be done not only jewelry, but also other fake Easter with their own hands.If you are knitting or embroidering, you can make beautiful cloth or something to wear.I'm sure your friend or sister will have to taste the bolero or beret crocheted.If you have in the arsenal of dried plants such as baby's breath, Helichrysum, flax bolls itp, we can make them beautiful Easter wreath.The basis of the best made from foam.And you can decorate a wreath of satin ribbons.

5. Origami.It seems to be the product of Japanese culture is not compatible with the Christian holiday, but no!You can make them charming origami bunny.And inside the origami can put the egg.By the way, instead of paper you can use starched cotton cloth.Just do not forget to sew the finished composition in several places, otherwise it may fall apart.

As you can see, Easter crafts with their hands to make Easter is not so difficult.The main thing is imagination and desire to surprise someone in such a wonderful and joyful holiday of Easter.