Why not celebrate the 40 years, and other signs of the day of birth.

Russian people are famous worldwide for its beliefs and prejudices.There are plenty of take-related events such as marriage, pregnancy, funeral, matchmaking and so on.But it was the birthday of a man enveloped in a mass of prejudices and raises many questions: why can not we celebrate 40 years, how many guests were invited to a birthday party, why should we put candles on a cake and others.Of course, all of these signs have their origins in the distant past, people believed that if you follow them, you can avoid any misfortunes.

There are many issues associated with the mystery birthday party, but perhaps the most often asked: "Why can not we celebrate 40 years?".And puzzled about this, not only those who came close to this point, but other people just out of curiosity.There is no one opinion, why not celebrate 40 years.According to some reports this is due to the fact that the sheer number forty is fatal and mysterious.It is often found in the Bible, after the baptism of Jesus Christ spent in the des

ert was forty days, the same is generally continued in the ancient days of mourning for the dead, and the Jewish people suffered 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.It is also believed that the mark of 40 years - it is almost welcomed his death, because the posthumous fate of the soul of man is determined on the fortieth day.Bony might just welcome back, or may soon take the birthday boy himself.There is also an answer to the question "why can not we celebrate 40 years": just at that time the case of internal transformation in human life is to normal or changed abruptly.So that in any case not to jinx the success and good fortune, to celebrate the fortieth anniversary should not be.

In addition to this, there are many signs, related to the birthday.For example, according to the Slavic legends, when a person comes into this world, his cradle there are three evil spirits that want to send upon him suffering.For them, it is necessary to cook the sweet treats that they were distracted by a newborn.And each year, these spirits will approach the festive table to play a prank.They need to distract the red wine, sweet pies, mead.By the way, to celebrate the birthday, sooner or later it can not be laid because of this superstition.It is believed that in this case come perfume and treats not, and they will remain hungry.

When evil spirits come good, so that they do not upset the birthday boy should always be in a good mood, as well as to meet their music, clean apartment and tidy appearance.In the old days it was even decided to give each guest a small gift to the good spirits were favorable to the person.Nowadays, it has long become history.

Traditionally birthday birthday to say nice and kind words.First of all, this practice earlier applied only to newborns, to draw to a child in the future, good luck.Even adults want to hear the words of congratulations and sincere wishes.

Who does not know about the superstition associated with the number of guests who should be invited to the feast?It is believed that there should be an odd number.In principle, such an opinion has appeared due to the fact that people thought - you need to come to the birthday pairs.After all, if a person is alone, he can envy jinx someone and just wish evil.Birthday boy should always try to create a holiday of friendly and pleasant atmosphere, make sure that no one was deprived of attention.

candles on birthday cake symbolizes the stars, which are symbols of the human soul and guardian angels.When people put them in a circle, that they create a force and energy necessary to fulfill the desire.Will

related to the celebration of the birth of a lot: from the "why not celebrate 40 years" to "what gifts you can give."They all seem to have their obsonovanie, but believe in them or not - it's only you.