Easter eggs with their hands - it's very simple

Holiday Easter love without exception.On this day the oven cakes and painted eggs.If before our grandmothers and great-grandmothers painted them mainly through the red onion peel, today eggs are not only an important attribute of the holiday, but also a nice souvenir, trying somehow to embellish and decorate.For example, Easter eggs painted in different colors, decorated with appliques, paintings, etc.If you want to make colored eggs, in the store you can buy special dyes, or use paint that nature gives us.To learn how to "dress up" Easter eggs with their hands, and it will go on.

Preparation eggs

Before you start painting, eggs should be removed from the refrigerator and leave them for a few hours in warm water to warm them.To paint lay down evenly, each egg you must first degreased by wiping them with soap and water or vodka.The staining solution you need to add a couple of spoonfuls of salt and one teaspoon of vinegar.The salt will protect the eggs from bursting, and the vinegar will make the c

olor more intense.

Painting eggs

As mentioned above, to paint Easter eggs with their hands, you can use onion peel.To do this, the eggs should be boiled along with the husk until cooked.And onion peel can make eggs "marble."To achieve this, the eggs must be wrapped onion skins, tie some cloth and cook in a conventional manner.Another way to paint this: eggs must be wetted with water, roll them in rice and wrapped in gauze or a stocking so that the rice does not depart from the product.Finally, after all this is cooked in the husk, Easter souvenirs are obtained in a speck.More eggs can be colored threads, or wrap the lace, then the finished product will have on their surface a beautiful divorces.

Easter decoration with your own hands can be made from anything that comes to hand.For example, to attach the leaves of various shapes and sizes, and then tightly wrapped in a stocking or cheesecloth and boil.In general, if it is good to dream, the eggs can become a true work of art.

Decoration painted eggs

After coloring you can create a real Easter composition with his own hands.To do this, the eggs can tie ribbons beautiful, lace, decorative wrap yarn or crepe paper, beads and braid.And egg paste over grits.However, it will have to prepare a special natural paste.He does so: in 200 ml of water, stir 1 tablespoonflour, put it all on a low heat and simmer, stirring constantly.As soon as the water boils, the mass will thicken quickly.Boil for another 3 minutes and everything is ready to paste.By the way, it also can be used to glue bead chains, although often used for this purpose conventional PVA.

very interesting way of decorating Easter eggs with their own hands with the help of silk.They can be purchased without any problems in any sewing store the headset.This silk thread is necessary to tightly wrap the egg in two.To do this, one half must be lubricated with glue, and starting from the top of the eggs, gently wrap the thread around the egg, making sure that the new range of its tightly to the previous one.It does the same on the other side.To hide sections with flaws or simply "doukrasit" products, you can stick a variety of bows, ribbons, flowers, rings, etc.

There are lots of ways to make beautiful Easter eggs with their hands.Of course, many decorations requires the expenditure of a certain time, and it sometimes preprazdnichnye days is just not enough.In this case, you can do so: to put on each egg up and down rubber gum and throw in a pan with onion skins.As a result, the eggs will turn into strips.Beautifully and quickly!