Why paint eggs for Easter

Since olden times people painted Easter eggs: this tradition goes back many centuries, and the majority of people take it for granted, not even thinking why this is done.In fact, it is even older than the Easter holiday, and its history goes far back in the mists of time.Historians can only speculate why paint eggs for Easter, and versions in this regard, there are several.

modern explanation of why dye eggs for Easter today, held by many Christians, is this: there is a beautiful ancient legend about Mary Magdalene, who brought news of the Resurrection of Christ, the Roman Emperor Tiberius.Because it is the court of the emperor with no offerings was impossible, and Mary Magdalene had no opportunity to not only bring luxury gifts, but simply to make a gift, she took an ordinary hen's egg.When the emperor heard her message, mockingly said to believe that the dead man could be raised only when the usual egg turns red, well, even if it is.A miracle happened - the egg immediately turned red.By the way, the

re is no Christian sources describe this story, and this version is not considered to be official, but is loved by believers.It is to this story, in their opinion, the tradition goes back and paint eggs for Easter.

In another, less wonderful version of the same legend, Mary Magdalene presented Emperor simply painted in red egg with the word formed from the first two letters of offer, "Christ is risen" - and this was the first Easter egg.

unprejudiced scholars are inclined to believe that Christians adopted this tradition from the earlier cults.Indeed, it is in many pre-Christian beliefs, such as the Slavs.Why do they paint eggs?The pagan cults of the egg was a symbol of fertility and spring Slavs was also a great festival dedicated to the awakening of nature and the beginning of the fertile season and the egg as a symbol of his decorated in every way.Over time, these celebrations have merged and poorly educated segments of the population are messed up.Perhaps the aforementioned legends appeared to justify the fact that believing Christians began to observe the largest Christian holiday pagan rites.By the way, some priests Al radical views, and today it is not welcome, not knowing what color eggs for Easter.Some even say that it is a sin, and trying to ban parishioners to paint eggs.But this tradition is so taken root and become part of the Christian culture, believers meet such claims in bewilderment.

There is a more prosaic explanation of why dye eggs for Easter.Perhaps it was due to the fact that during a long fast it was impossible to eat it, and that they have not deteriorated, they cooked, adding a variety of herbs such as onion peel, not to be confused with dyed boiled eggs.

In fact, it is worth to think, what color eggs for Easter - no matter where the roots of this tradition, the important thing is that she is very beautiful and popular.Why paint eggs for Easter?To decorate the holiday table that was fun to congratulate each other - that's the right answer.With painted eggs linked to many people's fun - who of us in childhood did not play with them, checking the strength of the egg?And I was happy to win someone else's egg, and it does not matter, we loved to eat them or not.Also, colored eggs appear in many beliefs and rituals.In particular, sometimes for the successful construction and future well-being of residents in the foundation of a house under construction put an Easter egg and a lot of tradition, and every nation they own.In general, paint eggs - it is fun and beautiful, no matter what kind of story this rite.