Easter cards with their own hands

Recently, our life became a tradition to give gifts to loved ones dear to the bright Easter holiday.To make such simple gifts for Easter with their own hands can be a family.Joint work with the kids good for creating a warm family atmosphere, in the playful form of developing children's talents and abilities, the correct forms artistic taste, introduces new ways of self-realization, trains fine motor skills of small hands and creates a new family tradition.

most optimal souvenir in our case may be Easter cards handmade.What will it take us that would make Easter cards with their own hands?

- all sorts of interesting, no ordinary design Printing: trimming business cards cardboard, wrapping paper, just a velvet or gafrirovannaya colored paper, clippings from old postcards and magazines.

- A variety of fancy treasures: the remains of the braid, Lurex threads, beads, sequins, stones, rhinestones, fabric flowers and butterflies.

- Fancy paints, pencils, decorative adhesive, such as sequins or bright neo

n colors, markers, flop, clay, gypsum.

- elements of nature - the remnants of the old herbarium specimens, pieces of eggshell, down and feathers.

- Tools: pencils, rulers, scissors, glue PVA.

- Spatial imagination and unbridled imagination.

So, whatever it takes, that would make Easter cards with their hands, gathered on the desktop, members of the creative process are ready.It remains the case for small - to create a warm family atmosphere and a sense of expectation of the holiday - is the immediate task of parents.It is not necessary in such moments be strict.If you are concerned for the state of the kids clothes and home furnishings, think in advance about the protection of furniture and working clothes.Allow the children to relax a bit and just plunge with them in childhood.

If your imagination to create a story card for Easter with their own hands is not enough, you can peep it in stores and kiosks, where such cards are presented in a wide range.The important point at the beginning of the creative process is to determine who and how many gifts you plan to do.For example, a beloved grandmother can make a great postcard from the family or different Easter cards with their hands on each grandchild.Thus emerges the future direction of the activity: the production of joint or individual cards.

now proceed directly to the story.The most common in this kind of picture postcards are krashenok Easter, chickens, hens and cockerels, rabbits and Easter, came to us from Western culture.You can also arrange a greeting in the form of wishes, cut out of various publications and greeting cards, decorated with unusual hand-made frame.You can go less traditional way and to issue a souvenir in the form of casts or multicolored handprints all family members with some sentimental, suitable to the occasion, an inscription.Or perform a congratulatory picture in the style of origami.Or make decorative elements of curls younger family members.Close people usually touches even basic application, which annually makes the children in the kindergarten.And the introduction of elements of creativity and the result of naivety children's hands and just attention to them, make their eyes a masterpiece of any work of art family.

If the card is designed for less loved ones, we should show more imagination and originality in the selection of the plot, inscriptions and method of implementation of the conceived ideas.In any case, Easter cards with their own hands will not go unnoticed.