How to paint eggs

little history

Before Happy Easter on Maundy Thursday decided to paint eggs colored with bright colors, is associated with the history of our faith.There is a tradition that the disciples of Jesus Christ after his resurrection, went to different countries with this good news.Mary Magdalene dared to come to the Roman Emperor Tiberius, however, to come up empty-handed was not accepted, and she brought a simple egg - a symbol of life.On the news of the resurrection of Christ, the Emperor laughed, pointing to the impossibility of this, it is impossible to turn the egg white into the red.After his words the egg in the hands of Mary Magdalene became red.Therefore, among the flowers, in which color Easter eggs this color predominates.

How to paint eggs

How to paint eggs?This issue is beginning to worry us before Maundy Thursday, when the time taken for the coloring of eggs before Easter.The second question - how beautifully painted eggs?We care about it because I want to create a work of art, pleas

ing us, and those of the old tradition of painted eggs daryatsya.You can restrict uniform staining in natural or artificial colors, or can be applied to a variety of egg patterns, dictated by your imagination.

start with the first.How to paint eggs?Raw egg before cooking is recommended to wash in warm soapy water for a more uniform subsequent dyeing and dry.Paint is already cooked eggs or paint them during cooking - you choose.It is possible to use natural or artificial coloring.For red beets used for orange - a bow to light yellow - oranges, carrots, lemons, for yellow - the shell of a walnut, birch leaves, for blue - red cabbage leaves to beige - coffee.Digestion with natural ingredients takes 15-30 minutes.Brew for dyeing preferably before cooking eggs should insist (30 min.) To ensure that the color was more saturated.

A wide variety of rich vibrant colors represented in the food dye, but should avoid cracking an egg timer, and entering into an artificial dye.The food coloring hard-boiled egg cooked drops for 10-15 minutes, then dried on the cloth or towel without wiping.Once you've learned about how to paint eggs, and made it ready-made products can be rubbed with oil to make them shine.

addition to continuous monochromatic coloring of eggs, there are a variety of creative options for drawing patterns.This can be done in various ways.How to paint eggs - take a closer look.Can before lowering eggs colorants applied to the surface of any molten wax pattern using the hollow rod.After dyeing the wax is removed carefully with a napkin or melted over the candles.After that there are bright colored patterns on the egg.You can do the opposite, first paint the egg, then apply a pattern, and paint again, apply the following part of the pattern and repeat the procedure.Thus, it is possible to obtain multicolored embodiments.Patterns can be selected are different, for example, animals or plant motifs, geometric figures, just drop.Eggs can also be painted with watercolors.In order to simplify procedures on the surface of the egg can attach a variety of leaves, or stick cut from a plaster or adhesive paper patterns tracked so that they fit snugly against the shell, then perform a color, dry and remove the temporary application.Patterns are obtained neat and interesting.

Drawing on a colored egg can also cause a sharp object, such as a needle.It is better to take the egg with a tight-skinned, dark-colored.

decorating eggs

to decorate Easter eggs at present there are many options, which give the opportunity to enjoy the creative process.You can decorate the egg barley, beads, beads, ribbons, laying a variety of patterns and fixing with white glue.Make egg figures with the help of applications.It all depends on your imagination and inspiration.By the process of decorating eggs can involve all family members, especially children - get creative and hilarious fun holiday.

meaning patterns

Pine symbolizes health;Oak - force;Pigeon - the soul;twig - destiny;point, hops and berries - the fertility;cream - love;flowers - girlhood.In addition, the labels used XB (Christ has risen) and religious symbols.However, in addition to standard patterns, you can use any, pleasing to the eye.

If you correctly to paint Easter eggs, then the result will take you and your family more joy in this bright day.