How to properly dress up a Christmas tree?

Well, well!- You will say.What is in this need to adhere to some rules and follow certain rules?Why not?Did you know that in 1937 the People's Commissariat of Education has developed and published the manual "Christmas tree in kindergarten", which details describes and prescribes some Christmas decorations on which branches need to hang up.

Of course, this fact relates to the costs and excesses of that time and now looks quite funny, but as they say: "... what happened, happened."And if we talk seriously, and approach this issue systematically and sometimes even scientific, some rules still there.

Before Decorating the Christmas tree is necessary to get into the box, where are your last year and pozaproshlogodnie Christmas decorations and inventory: remember that there are, to see what was broken, remember that last year, we wanted to buy for the next year and what to throw away.If you want to visit the store Christmas decorations.

When the question with toys resolved, proceed to the installation

of wood beauty (ie trees).Thus, basically, it is desirable not only to observe the rules of aesthetics as safety (and including fire).Do not install the Christmas tree near the heater.It is necessary to securely fasten the tree, using a steady mount (tripod crossbar, a bucket of sand).

Then go to Decorating.First put electric garlands.It is desirable not to use homemade or cheap Chinese illumination, as well as in advance to check their performance.

next step - placing all kinds of Christmas decorations.Christmas toy everyone chooses and hangs in its own way, but there are some things that it is desirable to take into account.To exclude the effect of absurdities, it is not desirable to a large Christmas tree to hang small toys, and small - large.After hanging Christmas balls can be a few minutes to leave the room, and then go back and re-evaluate what you've hung these balls.

Since the average tree or pine has piramidoidalnuyu form and is usually installed base (the widest part) on the floor, on the upper (and hence thinner) part of the hang is smaller toys, and toys to the bottom of the size can be increased.

The top of the Christmas tree can be decorated with a spire, a red star or a star Vefliemskoy, depending on your beliefs or preferences.That's it.Now, around the beautiful forest you can reel (if it is not on the corner), to tell the poem (standing on a stool), or put under her gifts.