Jewish Wedding Traditions

Wedding in Israel - the most vivid celebration in the life of a person and not just for himself but also his entire family.Brightness loose concept, so it tensile how much stretched his purse on how many people are willing to invest in this very celebration, so for some it's a ball at the palace in the refined style and for someone to drive to the registry office by tram which is also in itselfitself in some way entertainment.There pogovorka- "did not have a hundred rubles and Poimena hundred friends", it is quite in Hebrew and in our case, as nothing better reflects situatsiyu- even if you have no money, but a lot of friends come to the wedding in Israel, you will not onlythe wedding will not cost money but you can even in this bad weld, because the wedding on Israel decided to give as a gift to the money rather than the type of trash anyone unnecessary souvenirs.Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to give enough money for the wedding couple and it could have a negative impact on the numbe

r of guests at the wedding and can even be an absurd situation that the closest friends do not come to your wedding and most of the guests, you will not even know lichno- friendsYour friends and acquaintances.Doing a wedding in Israel, you never know how much you get, you are either a pan or swim, but sadly in most cases, the wedding did not pay off and you need to have a weighty stash on this case.

Now a little about the pre-wedding preparations.To order services for a wedding, it is desirable for half a year earlier, because the best DJ for the wedding and all other services as a show ballet, photo video shooting and others, can be occupied on the day when you will need, and not anything elsewould choose.

ballet show at the wedding in Israel, of course, it is desirable to be ordered, but not necessarily, if not the means allow.Show ballet perform at the wedding of a lot of very important funktsiy- firstly from the beginning they welcome guests portraying living statues - (angels with violins or something else depending on your choice) at the entrance to the hall, in the second honeymooners they enter the Huppah and later in the wedding hallin the third most important function is to fill the food supply interruptions beautiful dance shows as important function - Interaction with the public is the backup dancers and draws.

Can long list all kinds of services for the wedding but I want to touch on a topic of interest - pre-wedding hen and stag parties.As well as around the world, in Israel before the wedding decided to say goodbye to bachelorhood and free evening to arrange striptease, gather all of your friends anywhere in the sauna or at home to cover a rich table and ordered a striptease.The bride and her friends collect books stripper and the groom with friends orders strippers) חשפניות (. Speech strippers usually occurs on the thumb programme- 3 performances of 10-15 minutes with breaks to change clothes and have a drink. The first performance is often the culprit work on festivals- groom themselves,2 minutes deceptive, soothing caresses and after violent fun - skating on it in the hall among the guests, girls tearing teeth briefs on the ass of the bride and spank him with a belt that will gladly lend any of the guests. The second presentation is Interaction with the entire audience, the girls fidget bootyon his knees guests, dance with them and have fun watching as they can. The third statement is a lesbian show with candles on one of the guests, the girls caress each other while sitting on one of the guests and watered it and themselves with wax.

And the essence of the story is -You want a beautiful wedding a couple of years? Mines today!