Pillows Frejka - effective treatment for joint children

Life is not always a newborn begins bright and easily.There are cases when even in the first month of the baby is diagnosed with "hip dysplasia".In the language of physicians, this means abnormal development of the child.Rather, his joints.Very often simultaneously with this diagnosis ascertain more dislocation or subluxation.In such situations, you can not hesitate.We must immediately take measures to eliminate the appearance of a violation.In recent years, more and more doctors prescribe Frejka pillows.

What is it?What does?

Frejka Pillows - these are special spacers which are used for medical purposes.They are made of a special material - hard polyurethane.Top upholstered cotton cloth is usually bright colors.On the baby's hips model is fixed with special Velcro.

main task is particularly Frejka cushion lock hips.When dysplasia is recommended that the position of abduction and flexion.That is, the baby's legs should be bent and apart.This fixation, according to doctors, ensures proper develop

ment is not formed until the end of the joints.

What you need to know about the pillows Frejka?

Many parents questioned: "Is there any benefit from this medical device?"Anyone who has experienced this problem, respond unequivocally: "The benefit is."But if you want to achieve the effectiveness of airbags Frejka, must comply with all recommendations of the physician:

  1. Firstly, it is desirable to begin treatment as early as possible, to 6 months the child can already start irreversible changes.
  2. Secondly, by itself Frejka theft is not a panacea for all ills.It is necessary to deal with the problem in an integrated way.This includes massage and electrophoresis with calcium and mineral wax.
  3. Third, in any case impossible to decide on the purchase of this product.You are not a doctor and can only hurt your baby.Especially that the dislocation and subluxation of the use of pillows is strictly forbidden, as it may lead to ossification of the hip joints, recorded in the wrong position.
  4. Fourth, wear the pillow can be no more than 6 months.After this period, if there is no improvement, the doctor prescribes other orthopedic devices.

Many parents are interested in the question: "How to choose the pillow Frejka?"The main recommendations you give yourself a podiatrist.But be aware that the need to buy a medical device in accordance with the dimensions.All orthopedic bandages of this type depend on the distance between the pits, located under the knees:

- №1 corresponds to 14-17 cm;

- №2 - 17-19;

- №3 has 19-22sm distance;

- №4 - 22-25 cm.

Remember that children grow fast, so the cushion must be changed as soon as the child will grow out of it.Of course, this product - not a cheap purchase.Therefore, many parents prefer to sew these pillows themselves.If you have the makings of a seamstress, you too can make a bandage at home.

Today one of the most effective tools in the dysplasia is just theft Frejka.Instructions for use supplied with the product, will tell how to use it.

should know that the first time is put pillow after a hot bath, but removed before you style your baby to sleep.On the second day, and the child should have to sleep with her.In general, experts recommend that your baby as much as possible was just a pillow.It is desirable to shoot only when you bathe the baby.

Frejka pillows - one of the most popular products on the market of medical technology.They are characterized by high reliability and durability, as well as easy to sanitize.