Jealousy - good or bad

feeling of jealousy is familiar to everyone.There is hardly a person in the world who has never in his life did not know it.It is destructive in its nature and in most cases have a negative impact.Despite this, many people think that love and jealousy are indivisible.With this you can bet as the love is, above all, trust, and where it is, there is no place of jealousy.

Jealousy - good or bad

If we look at the explanatory dictionary Dahl's famous author, we find an explanation for this phenomenon: jealousy - is a constant distrust, doubt in someone's love, devotion and loyalty.The author writes that turns into a jealous beast.So he does not get the question: "Jealousy is good or bad."The answer is unequivocal.To get to the truth, consider this feeling from different perspectives.


Among the responses to the questions on the topic of "jealousy is good or bad", can often be found positive.It can be very useful if the prospective partner does not dare to discover their feelings.Then jea

lousy awakened in him, you will learn about his love.In addition, acutely feels jealous competition.Competing with others, he is improving, trying to look better, showing more attention and so on.All of this suggests that a reasonable proportion of jealousy must be present in the relationship.


Jealousy is like fear.The man is afraid of losing the person who next, and starts to behave accordingly.He does not trust the suspects, even watching a loved one.All this is fraught with headaches, depression, mental disorders.This state is very harmful for both jealous and for its partners.In most cases, the feeling is a consequence of insecurity.Constant monitoring and mistrust can quickly and permanently destroy the relationship.Jealousy - is it good or bad?You decide, but, apparently, cons still outweigh the pros.

How to defeat jealousy

First of all, you need a sober mind.Calmly I think about the situation.Do you have any reason not to trust your loved one, if he does something wrong.It is possible that a good think about it, you realize that all actions have a logical explanation and absolutely no reason to worry.

problem can not disappear by itself.Psychology of marriage and relationships are very complex science.She tells us that most of the problems can be solved by a frank conversation.Explain to your spouse that you are concerned about and why.However, it will be easier to overcome.

Take a break from the problems.Go somewhere together.Spend a weekend in the country together.Forget about self.Your partner has the right to personal interests, hobbies, meeting with friends.Try gently to join their company.So you do scatter, entertain and at the same time be close to loved ones.

hard to build relationships and to maintain them even more difficult.Not always we are able to understand the favorite.Sometimes it even seems that they move away and disappear from our lives.Man can not be kept by force.But deliberately postpone its not worth it.Losing love is easy, but to find it again is very difficult.