Bridesmaid Dresses: what are they?

Wedding - a great event in the life of a loving couple.Future newlyweds prepare for it very carefully and waiting for this day eagerly anticipating fun and a long and happy life.But preparations for this day care are not only them, but also their guests, especially women.Everyone needs to take care of the manicure, hair and, of course, festive attire.And if a manicure and hair salon, you can enroll in and more thought about it, then choose the fancy dress for a wedding - not an easy task that takes sometimes a lot of time and effort.To make a selection quickly and easily, it should be defined in advance with their preferences and visualize the color and style of dress.

first in order of importance in the face after the wedding the young and their parents - a witness or a bridesmaid.For her, that day is almost as important as it is for the bride herself.She often takes part in the preparation of the holiday, providing all possible assistance to her friend, so prepare your own image is not much time.

the West assumed that the dresses for the bridesmaids choose the bride.In our country there is no such custom, but a good idea to agree on the choice of attire.The ideal image of the witness should match the style of celebration and harmonious look on the background of the bride.

Bridesmaid Dresses in any case should not be white.This color of innocence and freshness to this day - the property of the bride and a big draw.Of course, they need not be black.One could argue that a little black dress - a universal option for all time.Black elegant dress can suit any wedding guest, but not a witness and not the mother of the bride or groom.For them, this color is forbidden.

What then should be the dresses for the bridesmaids?The choice really is huge.Color - from pastel to the saturated.It is worth noting that the girlfriend in a bright dress can "lose" next to the bride, but the girl in a bright dress not only emphasize the freshness of the bride, but she highlighted.However, not every hero of the occasion like this idea.Just do not be upset!Properly selected dresses for the bridesmaids bright colors are also able to emphasize the beauty and grace of women.

With dresses for other female guests, the situation is somewhat simpler.First, in today's retail selection of evening dresses is enormous.Secondly, they are not limited by any frames.The only condition - the dress should not be, again, white.

But what about the little guests?Choose a dress for the children to the wedding - and punishment, and joy for any parent.Punishment because very wide range of dresses, so the right choice is difficult.A joy that little fashionista will tirelessly spin front of the mirror, radiating happiness and delight.Well, in the end still have to identify and acquire only one dress.Typically for such special occasions girls buying dresses for a style similar to the dress of the bride.Kids, by the way, can appear in white, they are not covered by the ban.