From what to wear black coat

Black wool coat never goes out of fashion.At least, it will be important for a very long time, because the classic black coat combines elegance, beauty, rigor and sexy at the same time.In addition, it is universal in the sense that is ideal for any occasion of life - from business meeting to a romantic date - and is a stylish thing for both women and men.

almost always black coat able to emphasize refinement of our style, it is suitable for any physique and growth.Of course, if it is well-sewn: clear lines and strict silhouette are usually indicators of quality.

Often, however, the question arises, what to wear this exquisite thing.It would seem that this issue is no big deal, but it is worth remembering some points, such as the color combinations.

Many wearing black coat, prefer style total black, that is not at risk diluted by any other black.Of course, it looks very fashionable, sometimes incredibly brave.However, it will be interesting experiment tied with a black coat with red or burgundy b

elt and wearing the same color large earrings.Both men and women suit stylish black hat made of felt: it will add elegance image.

Beautifully looks bright handkerchief of any color, tied on top of a coat underneath.The same goes for the scarf.However, if it is large knitted wiser freely throw his shoulders.

looks elegant beige bag with a clear shape and small size.It is advisable to skirt or dress was shorter than the hem of the coat.But suppose lengths pencil skirts.But try nevertheless to its length does not exceed the length of the coat is greater than 10 cm.

girls up to 20 years can try to wear thick tights bright (but only if the coat has a straight silhouette).This, of course, very bold option that fit relaxed natures, who prefer bold images.Such a kit will not fit the classic handbag, but stylish backpack youth - the most it!

Black man's coat, as well as female, is perfectly combined with classic black trousers or straight jeans dark color.

As for shoes, there is a crucial role, once again, plays a classic, whether it be a solid heel or sole.Men suit stylish shoes with strong soles.The so-called jockey boots are ideal for those who appreciate the combination of comfort and style.But heeled shoes (boots, boots or boots) add elegance and, of course, femininity.They can be both leather and suede.It is better to refrain from bright colors in shoes: black coat perfectly with the black (again!) Or brown pair.

Remember that classic sports coat and shoes - things are absolutely incompatible!

gloves play an important role among the items that complement your coat.If you - the owner of a model with short sleeves should buy beautiful elongated gloves.

Dress properly!