What are your facial proportions?

People are all different, all unique, and this applies not only to the character traits of their talents and abilities, but also, no doubt, to the exterior.There are various sizes and shapes of eyes, nose, lips, ears Enumerate ... infinitely.

Every girl wants to be perfect, have the perfect proportions of the face.Naturally, the taste and color of comrades not, but there are standards in the world.This applies to physical characteristics.There are standard facial proportions that are believed to be correct.Let us all in order, and suddenly it reads the owner of ideal proportions for the global canons of beauty?

beautiful think eyes are wide apart, and a small nose.It was also specified that the distance between the eyes should be equal to the optic fissure.And the nose should not be greater than that between the lines, which are necessary to carry out mentally from the inner corners of the eyes.

correct proportions of the face can damage the nose.The ideal length in relation to the person as fol

lows: length from the hairline to the eyebrows should be equal to the distance from the eyebrows to the one we are mentally perform under his nose.

Virtually draw two lines from the center of the pupil can find out whether you have perfectly proportionate lips, the boundaries of which must deal with these lines.It is also believed that the lips have to be a half times the width of the nose.

nasolabial angle is conditionally can be more than 90 degrees.But degrees between the line of the forehead and the nose should be no more than 40. After all, if he will have very different performance, the nose will seem too great, or the face will look flat.

However, scientists have found that important in the proportions of the face is the symmetry.

To understand whether you are the owner of a symmetrical face, mentally draw a vertical line between the eyes along the nose, lips and crossing the middle of bringing up her chin.If the right half is a complete copy of the left, then you are no doubt the girl ideal proportions.

From this it can be concluded that it is not so important, a face shape: oval, triangular, square, circular, etc.The main thing is that the two parts must be absolutely identical.

If you still find that you are not a lucky one, and your facial proportions are not perfect, do not despair.It's easy to adjust by using the right makeup imposed.

If oval face, that's fine, because there is almost no problems.Emphasize can only tone darker cheeks and a smile on the area should be applied blush.

For a rectangular face sharpened considered typical features heavy chin and a big jaw.It is necessary to give the face a softer line.To this dark tone is applied to the side of the jaw and on both sides of the forehead below.

Girls having a long face, usually long or tall chin.Because of this, they look lean.To correct proportions of the face have become, it is necessary to impose a dark tone on the upper part of the forehead up to the hairline.The edge of the chin and under the cheekbones to darken.And cheekbones make to tone lighter.Zone smiles slightly highlight blush.

chubby ladies to darken the area under the cheekbones, it will visually narrow face.The tone is applied diagonally, so as not to make a face even wider.Zone cheekbones and chin should be carefully lighten.

Owners triangular face need to darken the sides of the forehead and chin.Cheeks make to tone lighter.Blush applied to the cheekbones and temples before.

As you can see, everything is fixable.And even if you do not have perfect features, no need to get upset.As is known, asymmetrical face is remembered better.In addition, to draw the attention of the opposite sex, it is not necessary to have an unearthly beauty.It is sincerely smile, your eyes sparkled.You may be interested in their inner beauty, and only a little makeup will add you confidence.