Citric acid hair

You will surely agree that beautiful hair - a 50% confidence.Every self-respecting woman is making every effort to make her curls looked elegant and always had a shine.Indeed, so eager to enjoy every minute of life, not a shade of the fact that with the appearance that something is wrong.So let's talk about how to properly care for hair, to always maintain the energy of life.

Today, the consumer market has all kinds of money on hair care products.Their manufacturers are always ready to create a new line of its products to help women in their endeavors.But each family in the arsenal in the kitchen is something of which she herself at home can make a lot of money to care for their hair.It is cheaper and more accessible.

Let's turn our attention to one of these funds - is citric acid to the hair.
we all know "grenade" has all of the same vitamins, trace elements, as a lemon.Moreover, it retains the essential oils.It has beneficial effects on the skin and hair structure.So, to help keep them healthy.

Citric acid for oily hair

Take 3 tablespoonsMarsh roots calamus and burdock, half a cup of lemon juice or diluted in the same volume of water, citric acid (1 tablespoon).Mix and pour 1 tablespoon all.just nakipyachennoy water.Hold in a warm place for 7 hours.Strain.Rub tool to clean washed hair.Use 3 times a day, spreading composition further small amount of water.

mask on the basis of citric acid for oily hair

The mask will be used for 1/2 hour. L.pineapples, 1 egg yolk and egg Qurna 1 ch. l.honey.Stir well, add 2 tbsp.l.decoction of the leaves and stems of aloe.Rub a finished weight in the scalp, wearing a cap and a scarf wrapped warm, hold part of 30 minutes.Thoroughly wash and rinse decoction of St. John's wort.

Citric acid in a mask for dry hair

in equal parts, mix heated to a temperature of 37 degrees and olive oil diluted in water, citric acid (1 v. 1 taken Art. L. Pineapples).Apply the mask rubbing movements on damp hair.Wearing a hat and wrapped a towel, soak overnight.And in the morning wash it with shampoo.

Vitamin cocktail for normal hair

Cocktail taken any lemon juice from two lemons or diluted in a glass of water, citric acid (1 tablespoon).It is added 1 tbspplain flour and water.The mask is put on the scalp, so to withstand 30 minutes, wrapped a scarf.

Citric acid as a lotion for the hair of any type

in three liters of water 1 tablespoon brewgreen tea.The solution is cooled, add 2 tspcitric acid.Such oily hair lotion will help reduce the greasiness and give a natural shine.

normal curls he "give" all of its vitamins and give energy.For those who have dry hair, prepare a lotion, just use lemon juice instead of acid.It is softer and will not dry your strands.Otherwise cause harm citric acid.

Lemon - a unique cosmetic product that will help you in creating the image.

Imagine light, faint smell of citrus, and thus freshness, will follow you everywhere.

you radiate lightness, elegance and sophistication.Your movements will be confident, and you will be able to achieve its goals.

This little product ... But how much of it lies the beautiful secrets and hopes.Use it and you will always be beautiful!