Mustard hair: how to use right?

well-groomed hair, shiny, elastic and dense, probably, is the dream of most women.And the men have not recently behind the beautiful ladies.Mustard hair - a method that is effective and available.The main thing - to know how to use this tool correctly!

Note that mustard is recommended for those who have normal hair, or prone to fat.Those who are prone to dry tresses and scalp - to inflammation and excessive sensitivity, the use of this method is to give care, because the action of mustard as such could provoke even more dryness and irritation.

important to know that in hair care can and must be used exclusively mustard powder and oil, extracted from the seeds of mustard.In no case can not be ready to replace them with the spice of jars, bottles and bags!Mustard hair from damage which could outweigh the benefits, it's just all kinds of ready-made filling!So experts advise the most common packaged powder and butter purchased at a pharmacy.

Mustard hair shows in solving the following problems: ex

cessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which leads to rapid contamination of head of hair;slow growth and hair loss.Action mustard on locks based on the fact that its composition - it is simply a treasure trove of materials useful for hair.Among them, B vitamins, potassium, calcium and iron, as well as phosphorus and fatty acids (polyunsaturated).

use of mustard powder activates blood circulation in the scalp, which increases the activity of hair bulbs and accelerates hair growth.Oil mustard seeds has also clearly marked regenerating properties.

As a result, the hair structure is a complex effect that provides an admirable result.This valuable that mustard hair - absolutely natural means, as is well known, they are much better absorbed by the hair than synthetic substances.

Also, before you begin to create and apply a hair mask of mustard, you must learn that mustard powder is strictly forbidden to pour boiling water.To this must be used hot water (70-80 degrees Celsius).Oil is not necessary to heat to more than 30 degrees.

So, practical advice on how to be used mustard hair.

mask, which allows you to increase the speed of hair growth.It is very simple.It should take the mustard powder in an amount of two tablespoons, two eggs yolks, two or three tablespoons of hot water and sugar (also 2 tablespoons).Mustard pour hot water, stir thoroughly and add the sugar and egg yolks.The more the sugar, the more "warming" will mask.Apply it should be exclusively on the scalp and hair can lubricate themselves cosmetic oil (peach, for example) or conventional balm for hair.On top place the plastic wrap and a towel.Keep the mask is between half an hour to an hour.The feeling of warmth and tingling - the norm.But if the burning sensation becomes strong, then it is time to wash off the mask!Conducts the procedure is no more than once a week!

mask for strengthening hair.Here we need only warmed oil from mustard seeds.It should be massaged to the hair and scalp, cover locks polyethylene and wrap a towel.After 20-30 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly.Conducting such manipulation - not more than once every 7 days!

Mustard hair, reviews of which mostly enthusiastic, certainly produce results!