Biowave hair - fashion trend of 2013

so happened among the female half of the inhabitants of the earth, that we are always doing something with her hair, sometimes changes are crucial character.Blondes are brunettes, brunettes blondes, straighten curls and straight hair frizz.

now find wavy locks can be much easier than a few years ago: the traditional "chemistry" has replaced biozavivka hair.Gone are damaged by harmful agents hair and an unpredictable outcome, have been replaced by the natural beauty of the nature of the curly locks - this is the effect of biozavivki.

What biozavivka hair

revolutionary formula compositions to form curls with such a perm allow your hair to preserve as much as possible with perms.Traditional means replace analogs of a protein called cystine, which is found in human hair.It was he who replaced the ammonia, which used to be an integral part of almost all means to change the structure and color curls.

Unlike traditional "chemistry", biozavivka hair can be used on colored, loose or thin hair.Keep this mir

acle of hairdressing for about six months, depending on the care of the hair and how fast your hair grows.After biozavivki you have little to change their habits when washing hair and makeup to complement some special means.

bobbins that will shape your hair, can be of different sizes, depending on the effect you want to achieve: if your desire Master can even use several types of rollers with different diameters to give the hair a more natural look.Biowave good by the fact that sometimes you can align the strands of hair dryer or ironing, if you want to effect smooth hair, but do not do it too often to keep your locks from drying out.

How to biozavivka home

To be honest, I did.Biowave hair carried out by special expensive ingredients and a wizard that will help you gain long-awaited locks must have special training.If you and the intention is to make this procedure at home, you will not be able to do it yourself or with the help of a friend, a barber.We'll have to find a real professional to biozavivka Hair failed.

Given the nature of your curls, salon cosmetics manufacturers produce several compounds irons:

  • for colored hair;
  • for natural hair;
  • for not giving curling, hair elastic.

It is necessary to select the concentration and composition tools for biozavivki start the wizard on your hair, and correctly identify and achieve excellent results can only be through special training, so once again we want to remind the importance of having specific skills from your hairdresser!

care curls after curling

Biowave implies a hair salon as a restorative care and home treatments.You need to be a means of posechennyh tips and care shampoos, conditioners, masks, as well as tools for curly hair.Gently comb your hair, use special gels and oils to form curls.It is also recommended to dry them in a natural way without the use of a hair dryer or a jet of cold air and be sure to use a diffuser.

This type permanents gained great popularity among film stars and singers.In our country, the price for this type of services is in the range 1000-4000 rubles, which means that to realize his dream of a luxurious mane of curls or modest can every woman.And let the new image will bring a lot of compliments and admiring glances.