Hair barrette: consumer reviews

a beautiful and long hair dreaming each of the fairer sex.But to grow them is not always possible.It is necessary to build a strand, or to buy a hair barrette.

Capacity - costly and complicated procedure, which is associated with periodic adjustments.But hair barrette - affordable and quick method of acquisition of long curls.Many women have benefited from new.

hair barrette: reviews

  1. attach themselves quickly, quickly.You can always take them off and walk with short hair.Very comfortably!
  2. in specialized stores sold Naroscheny hair barrette.Locks are different in length, structure (straight or wavy) in color.Besides extension, they can give hair volume.They can be worn on holidays and in everyday life.Attention men will be provided as they are completely transform!
  3. hair barrette, which reviews mostly positive, will make complicated hairstyle for the wedding.In general, it's great for parties or corporate parties.But we need to pay attention to product quality, well-known manufacturers to choo
    se the hair.You can buy a set, which matched strands temporal and occipital.It will be more expensive, but the result is worth it.
  4. Even the stars used hair barrette, rave reviews.They can be painted to match your curls, twist on hair curlers and pulling utjuzhkom.The result is always good.Such locks are for three years.This is a great opportunity to wear long hair without build-up.And the simplicity of mounting - this is another plus of this product.
  5. hair barrette, opinions on this point, have some disadvantages.They are heavy, and clip bad stick or become visible (does not look very aesthetically pleasing).

Strands for better advised to fix the mounting paint, but some women do not accept this money.

To learn how to properly attach, nice to see how it's done by a professional.

So, we met with the opinions about the new "hair barrette."Reviews of them are different, but more positive.To summarize.

false hair - a temporary capacity.It locks, braids, bangs, tails, which are attached to a special hairpin curls.They blend in with the natural hair, if they choose the right.The store offers a rich range of colors, diverse structure.Pictures are artificial or natural hair.The second option is more acceptable as the natural curls.

of extension hair barrette can be cut, painted, shampooing, curling.It can be applied to them styling, straighten them, but it is not recommended to dry the hair dryer.

At the bottom is the accessory barrette, clip, which rests on the great natural hair.The range of locks subdivided into individual strands and sets.Smooth and straight hair is recommended to lightly tease at the fixing overhead strands.

Well, perhaps that's all.Wear Naroscheny hair barrette with pleasure!